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Our team specializes in constitutional law principles as they apply in family law, working across multiple states to develop a deep understanding of how family law is implemented in different jurisdictions. We bring expertise in addressing challenges to constitutional rights in family law cases and provide comprehensive counter-arguments. With a focus on protecting parental rights and advocating for clients, we stay updated on legal trends and judicial opinions, offering innovative solutions to courts struggling with the complexities of parental demands for justice. Whether it's navigating different procedural rules, legal cultures, or state-specific approaches to family law, our experienced team collaborates with pro se parents needing to communicate parental rights principles to their attorneys, and with attorneys to help provide effective representation from start to finish, increasing the liklihood of more favorable outcomes in state and federal trial cases and appeals.

It’s My Job to Destroy Parent-Child Relationships…Will

parents going through a custody battle can relate to how the scene in “The Green Mile,” where the warden’s wife says to John (the man on death row who just save

Best Hope for Parents

Hope for parents has arrived in the book Not in the Child's Best Interest

Five Steps to Take if You Cannot Pay Your Child Support

Lost your job? Five immediate child support steps you must take immediately.

6 Ways to fight back against the GAL

DANGER! GAL is expensive and can hurt you badly. Get rid of the GAL

Feel UnHeard in Family Court? Did they Ignore Real Abus

There is absolutely no reason to deal with unproved criminal allegations in a divorce proceeding other than to conduct a witch hunt, and to allow testimony that

Strategies: Establishing Clear Rules of Law Parental Ri

Sherry Palmer with Fix Family Courts teaches parents how to navigate the family court process, invoke protections of your parental rights, protect the child, an

Elon Musk Warns We Over Regulate Families

Governments over regulate families, and Elon Musk warns of population collapse, coincidence or cause and effect.

You only care about your Parental Rights

Has a judge ever told you that you only care about your parental rights not about your child's best interests? Would you like to know how to properly respond?


FIRST CLASS EVER THAT TEACHES PARENTS TO BE MORE EFFECTIVE I stood there staring at the judge in disbelief…He was just sitting up there acting like I wasn


What if the other parent didn’t think that they could gain advantage over you by getting you kicked out of the house, spending more time with the kids tha

Texas Spousal Maintenance Chapter 8 Enforcement Final D

There are rules to spousal maintenance in Texas: Address these in your final divorce decree. You need to ensure that....

No-Fault Divorce

No-Fault Divorce is a legal creation designed to avoid constitutional challenge to the State's authority to regulate marriage and to allow state's to continue p


In Chapter 5 Sec. 151.003 of the Texas Family Code, the legislatures passed that it is every parent’s individual “fundamental right and duty…t

Judges Act In Their Own Best Interests

Its in the Judge's best interests to ignore well established law "We have emphasized that the First Amendment protects those relationships, including family rel


We can, Be strong… pic.twitter.com/jvLOCm445y — Appreciate Gratitude (@2thank) April 3, 2014 Parents that come to us find a place where they can find tool

I Am The System…

Allowing judges to force their idea of what kind of parent you should be to your child is nothing more than social engineering,

How the Constitution Applies to Equity Courts…

…don’t feel bad Dr. Drew, many judges and attorneys mess this one up too! The Constitution DOES apply to Courts of Equity! This post is not an attempt to attack

How Do You Demand Family Court Reform…FREE webina

The first step is in taking care of you… If you are under attack, the only thing you can think about is protecting yourself from this attack, right? And i

Hiring an Attorney? What to Know!

Hiring an Attorney? What you need to know!

God Blessed Me With an Angel… and then I got Divo

I thought by making these right choices that nobody would or could take my family away or what I had earned and built...I thought if I just made money


Ron B Palmer and Sherry Palmer have announced that their first ever, one-of-a-kind book for lawmakers, “Protecting Parent-Child Bonds: 28th Amendment̶


Get our Beginner's Guide to Family Law Book

This book gives you simple tools to start defending yourself today. Bad Attorneys hate this book because they don't do it this way because if they did, they would lose money.

Beginner's Guide to Family Law

A Simplified Path to Parental Rights

For a loving parent, a child custody suit can be a time of terror. The most important thing in your life is at stake and it doesn't take long to figure out that the system is rigged against you. This book provides simple straight forward and easy to understand ways to help ensure that your rights get protected. This is the starter guide for you to protect your rights.