A written document signed under oath before a notary public affirming that the facts asserted are true, that serves as legal testimony.


An Answer is a Respondent's or Defendant's written response to an initial court filing such as a divorce suit or a child custody petition

Best Interest of the Child

The Best Interest of the Child, is perhaps the best marketing slogan ever created and it is used to destroy lives and punish children every single day.


Dissolution of a constitutionally protected intimate and expressive close family relationship protected by the First and Fourteenth Amendments as a privacy righ

Ex Parte

Ex Parte meaning on behalf of one party or outside the awareness of a party is a condition where action is taken without an opportunity for one or more litigant

Fiduciary Duty

Your family law attorney has a fiduciary duty to act in your best interests NOT in your child's best interests.

Guardian Ad Litem

An agent of the Court who you have to pay to speak against your interests and hide the court's corruption.

Habeas Corpus

The Great Writ in American law that can be used in child custody cases to challenge the violation of a custody order.

Marital Discrimination

This is a type of impermissible discrimination that is based on people making marital choices that the government disfavors.

Ministerial Act

An act performed by a government employee over which they have no discretion because of a rule, statutory, or constitutional demand.

Parent-Child Relationship

The Parent-Child Relationship is an intimate and an expressive close family association protected by the First Amendment at the strictest standard.

Parenting Plan

A court order restraining the times, places, and manner in which a parent and child may speak, associate, worship, and share family privacy with one another.

Per Legem Terrae

A term from the Magna Carta of 1215, found in clause 39 which is sometimes called the law of the land clause.

Rule of Decision

A controlling rule that informs the decision-maker how they are required to rule on a particular legal question.

Stability, the Right of

An invented 'right' that the child custody courts and some state legislatures apply as a tool to wield against fit parents in favor of the state.



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