Ron B Palmer Author Speaker Constitutional Scholar
  • B.A. Utah State University
  • Co-Founder: Graduate Program in IT Service Management
  • Co-Founder: ITSMF Annual Academic Conference
  • Book Author:
    • IT Service Management Foundations: ITIL Study Guide
    • NOT In the Child’s Best Interest
    • Protecting Parent-Child Bonds
    • Oath Breakers: Lies Family Courts Tell
    • Beginner’s Guide to Family Law: A Simplified Path to Parental Rights
  • Senior Operational Excellence Consultant: Deloitte LLC.
  • Senior Operational Excellence Consultant: Accenture
  • Operational Excellence Consultant: Microsoft
  • Senior Engineer: Qualcomm
  • Founder: Franklin Technology Strategies Inc.
  • Founder: Constitutional Scholars Inc.
  • Founder: The National Family Law Policy Center

Ron B Palmer is the President and founder of Fix Family Courts. He has passionately dedicated tens of thousands of hours to researching state and federal appellate court decisions on family law matters. He routinely distills this information into powerful arguments for the protection of parental rights which he believes is necessary to protect children. He firmly believes that children are best protected and nurtured by having two fit parents in their lives who each have equal parental authority regardless of their marital status. He believes this is true even though some small percentage of parents harm their children.

Ron believes these rights and this authority are natural rights and natural authority that predate civilization and the formation of our nation and its founding documents. Ron believes that the United States Constitution protects these natural rights and that the Supreme Court has consistently interpreted the constitution to protect these rights for well over a hundred years.

Family law courts are exploiting misperceptions of what the Supreme Court has said and long traditions of rights violations that continue based on outdated unconstitutional presumptions supported by outdated and biased societal beliefs about marriage and child rearing. As the number of single divorced and single never married parents skyrockets, the number of parents and children harmed by this corrupt system reaches absurd proportions. Ron is the primary author of the book “NOT in The Child’s Best Interest” where the case for these concepts is made and a constitutional solution is proposed.

As Fix Family Court’s President, constitutional scholar and visionary, Ron’s goal is to create a world where getting divorced doesn’t mean losing your child. Fit parents should be treated equally regardless of their marital status or any changes to their marital status. Fit parents do not become unfit simply because their marriage fails. Every child, even those whose parents divorce, gets a better start in life if they have the benefit of two fit parents in their lives even if their parents are not perfect parents.

Ron B Palmer comes to this effort as an accomplished expert in technology management and operations frameworks and standards as applied in the world’s largest corporations. He brings to this field a fresh approach and a fresh vision unshaped by law school conditioning. He sees things as they are and reads the constitutions, statutes, and court opinions without the institutionalized biases and prejudices taught in law schools by professors who have been doing the same old thing for hundreds of years. Ron has a proven track record of fixing broken systems and optimizing inefficient systems on massive scales.

Family law is a broken system based on outdated, biased, prejudiced and often even bigoted presumptions about the most basic relationships of our society. It needs to be completely reengineered based on current interpretation of our constitution and based on current societal ideas about fundamental freedoms of individuals. Ron is just the person to make this happen.

Ron is a constitutional scholar but is NOT an attorney and does NOT practice law in any state. If you need legal advice, then seek the help of an attorney in your state.

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