Do We Over Regulate Families?

There is an old saying, "if you put the government in charge of the Sahara Desert, within ten years there will be a shortage of sand." That old saying is playing out where governments over regulate families and the manner in which parents raise their children. As usual the "Do Gooders" are very proud of themselves for interfering in the lives of others when they cannot even manage their own lives adequately. They are dictating to parents and punishing parents so harshly for such trivial offenses that intelligent young people are choosing, in large numbers, simply not to have children. Many of these prospective parents are products of our current over regulation of families and their clear message is that they will, as rational people do, simply avoid the possibility of that regulation applying to them.So they choose not to have a child at all. The unintended result of the over regulation of families is nothing short of total population collapse over time. Our government is very rapidly depleting the Saharan Desert sands and the Do Gooders are cheering its loss and the death spiral of the human species.

What is Elon Musk's Warning

Here is one article on the alarms Elon Musk is raisingabout certain countries that are on the forefront of destroying the desire of potential parents to have children. One of the core causes of this decline is that governments over regulate families. If we want the human race to survive, we must find a way to overcome our perverse desire to over regulate families when we simply disagree with someone's lawful and constitutionally protected parenting choices or their lawful and constitutionally protected marital choices.

If God does indeed test us on our choices, is he currently testing our collective stupidity in bringing about our own demise? If God is the source of our Free Will, Is God teaching us to consider the unexpected consequences of imposing our own moral views on others through the overuse of government regulation? Are we failing that test? Can it be that Armageddon will NOT be a massive war between good and evil, but instead will be a sputtering species death brought about by collective stupidity? Will we go out in a whimper and not a bang?

Is the US Following Suit?

The United States is close on the heels of those countries Elon Musk mentions as the canaries in the coal mine in large part because our governments over regulate families on a massive scale. I chose to limit myself to only one natural child specifically because of my personal experience with my parents getting divorced and going through a child custody suit. That nasty suit and its unintended consequences effected me as a child profoundly but nobody actually cares about the injuries done to the child by the corrupt system. Because of the pain I suffered then and because I desired to prevent future pain from the same source, I would have had zero natural children except that my ex-wife's biological clock demanded a child and would not be denied.

My Personal Message to Prospective Parents

Here is the rub, I love children. I raised or helped raise a significant number of children. I have four direct step-children. While my children were growing up our house was filled with other people's children and we encouraged it. Our house was open sanctuary to many children who would always be fed and provided a safe place to be. The government directly caused someone with a love of children NOT to want to have any children of his own. I know from my own personal experience that my choices were driven by real pain that the state of Louisiana and one particular judge caused me. His name was Judge Foot. I'm 55 years old. I still remember the name of my parents' child custody judge because Judge Foot caused me severe lifelong pain by refusing to abide by his oath to the constitution and instead choosing to punish my parents for daring to divorce against his will. I and many more like me are your legacy Judge Foot.

What I knew from experience might happen, happened. I had to fight a bitter custody battle to keep my own natural child in my home 50% of the time. I had to fight to protect my financial resources so that I could provide that home for her and provide the necessities of life for her. Her mother, a college educated accountant, was more than capable of maintaining her own home and providing the necessities of life in that home. My ex didn't need my resources, she simply wanted them out of greed and was willing to use a corrupt system to try to take those resources from me for her own use, not for our child.

My advice to young people today is "if you aren't married, don't get married," "if you are married, stay married," and "whatever you do, don't have any children if you don't want the government to take take children from you." Mine is NOT a lone voice preaching this gospel. Many people all over this country are preaching the same message to young potential parents, "avoid the pain cause by using the most important person in your life as a weapon of punishment against you simply for making marital choices the government doesn't like. By simply not having a family you can avoid the severe pain caused by governments that over regulate families." This is after all a perfectly rational response to government over regulation. Governments use force and violence against their populations, smart people avoid giving the government opportunity to single them out for government force and violence.

Where is the Pro-Family Group Support?

One would think that the pro-family types would be up in arms about all this, but the reality is that they act more to cause this evil than to protect families against the evil. The reason is simple, they are so angry at parents who make lawful and constitutionally protected marital choices or child rearing choices they dislike, that they seek every means possible to punish those parents for their choices.

If they can't punish the choices directly, they will use those choices to impose indirect punishment. they are so angry and incensed that you disagree with them that they are more than willing to punish children as a result. these so called pro-family types actually encourage government to over regulate families, but only where the parents made a marital choice these pro-family types disfavor. They tell government to over regulate families where the parents choose not to marry. They tell government to over regulate families where the parents choose to divorce. They tell government to disregard the suffering of the children and punish the parents they despise with everything the government has. They tell the government to make these parents' lives a living hell, because they are angry about these parents exercising their God given Free Will to make choices the pro-family types don't like.

Why can't these groups directly regulate your marital choices as they once did? They cannot directly regulate the marital choice to divorce because of our No-Fault Divorcelaws. We have these No-Fault Divorce laws because if we don't have them, parents will prove that the First Amendment protects the right to divorce through the right NOT To Associate against one's will.

The States are doing everything in their power to prevent a case being heard by the Supreme Court regarding the protections afforded by the First Amendment to choices regarding divorce and to state regulation of child custody between fit parents. The states know what they are doing. Your State knows that it is violating First Amendment protections of intimate and expressive close family associations when the states regulate domestic relations. The states want to continue violating your First Amendment rights so they give ground where they must, but they do so in a way that makes it less likely that someone will get a Supreme Court ruling against the states.

Do the Simple Math

If every couple had only one child, the world's population would drop by half with every successive generation. To put this in perspective, take half of your current paycheck and throw it in the trash. On your next paycheck throw half in the trash then throw half of what remains in the trash. On the next paycheck throw away half of your check, then throw away half of what remains, and then again throw away half of what remains. Repeat this process until you have nothing left. How many paychecks go by before you have nothing? This is roughly how many generations of one child families it takes to bring about Armageddon through population decline. If we continue to punish parents for disagreements over parenting styles that do NOT result in concrete injury to the child, we only have a few generations more of governments over regulating families before the Saharan Desert is completely depleted of its sand and the human race expires in a whimper.