Why wait?

Hasn't enough time gone by already? If you keep waiting on your attorney you are going to be at the final trial without any parental rights protections.

Nobody wants to miss birthdays, have to wait an entire week to see your child again, or only see your child 4 days a month.

Believe it or not, states still believe that they "grant" and "award" you time and rights with your child when you divorce or separate from the other parent. If you are being told this lie and doing nothing about it, you are headed for a nasty surprise.

Reality is . . . if you don't start managing your case, the results you get in temporary orders could become the roadmap for your future.

The REAL question is:

how do I protect my parental rights so that I get equal time with my child?

Let's take a look at some of the ways your ex uses the family court, and what factors and habits your attorney, opposing counsel, and the judge is using, and what to TRUST and How can you know what to ADDRESS and what to FOCUS on first?

Let us provide you with the relief you need, so you can get the results you deserve.

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You are in the right place for those answers.

  • Shut down the high conflict that is costing you money, time, and heartache
  • Be able to FOCUS on your child again and not court

Family courts are a soul-sucking, devastating, bankrupting scheme. Even if you have millions, this process can devastate your empire and cause you to go broke, kidnap your child, and force you into soul-crushing debt.

Once you have simplified ways to protect yourself, they won’t be able to take advantage of you again, unless you let them.

It’s true the court can deny you and opposing counsel and your ex can fight you, and you might have to appeal. But the last appeal that won using some of these arguments went through the appellate court and up to their State Supreme Court within 1 year. Total time it took to get an opinion was only 1 year and seven months.

How many years have you been fighting already? And how many years will you keep fighting? How long will you keep following those carrots, jumping through hoops, while they keep moving the goal post, and you keep paying and paying and getting nowhere? These arguments work! This is just one case that is proof that they work.*** (more cases are in the membership)

We understand all of this.

Come in and see. Visit us in the Membership Portal where there is information to help you with WINNING arguments and TRANSITION back into a life without court burdens and constant uncertainty. Live without being afraid of that doorbell ringing or the mailman delivering more mail. Just waiting for that other shoe to drop every day is making you sick and tired, developing into PTSD and other traumas.

We get it, we have been there, we won, and we want to help you win so you can spend your money on your child how you choose.

We are constantly adding new information and tools to help you protect your legal rights.

Some of the information and courses may be in development phases so you might see partial information on them as they are being developed. For example, when we create a new course for teaching the motion arguments, the course might contain just the sample motion until more content and training is available for that course. We do this so that you have as much information as we can get to you as fast as we can get it to you because we know that damage is happening to you right now and you need the information now. So please just understand that due to the nature of the battle that you could see updated content appear periodically in the member area or in your email.

Not all information, content, arguments, etc., will be relevant to you. And some information could be out of date as law is ever changing, so you need to check all information you get from us and compare it to your state laws, local laws, and current case law. You are solely responsible for what you choose to use or not use, how you use it, and the results that you get.

Any time you fight civil rights violations you risk being punished. Make sure you are aware of the risks in your court and in your state so that you are going in to this family court legal rights battle with your eyes fully open and prepared.

NOTE: Some content may become available to you after you are a member for a specified amount of time or after completing a pre-requisite. For instance, you might be given access to more motions after you complete something or after a period of time of being a member. You can gain earlier access to the items that are length of member dependent by paying in advance the equivalent of the length of time that was required before the release of that particular item, material, information, etc.

Knowledge is power… Don’t let them take your child because you didn’t know!



Now I know my rights no one told me I had!
— Father of two teenagers
This membership site is always there for me whenever I need it. My ex serves me, I go into the membership, take notes, and go to court prepared. To sleep well at night, knowing that I have this security blanket of information, after going YEARS knowing nothing about my rights is worth the $20 investment.
— A loving mother torn from her son
Ron, You really are a blessing. I don’t have the words to express my gratitude. Thank you man, thank you. All I can say is…. “after this is done, I’m dedicating my time to helping you and Sherry forever.” You are literally out here doing the lords work. We can’t serve two masters. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m just so grateful for you man…. Thank you.
— Father in Washington DC
I LOVE IT! The motions put light on the evils of the system and demoloshies their judges arguments to maintain the corrupt status quo. I had to grab a bag of popcorn while I was reading because this was like watching a Mike Tyson beat down of the family law system. I am forever grateful to have experts in my corner, who know the plumbing of the family court beast and that are working tirelessly to change the injustices it causes.
— Father in Texas
I had purchased all your motions more than a year ago. I have a paternity matter that I just had a hearing for and used one of your motions and the judge denied it before my hearing. But fortunately enough I hired a court reporter for the record. The respondent filed transfer of venue, and a summary judgment to dismiss. During the hearing I objected to the respondents inquiries to transfer venue. The judge tried to shut me down UNTIL I ARGUED ON RECORD THE DUE PROCESS CLAUSE OF THE 14 amendment applies. Him and the respondent attorney were furious and I got the judge to admit on the record that the 14 amendment applies. Before I brought this unexpected argument up the we’re trying to get me to argue the case from the summary judgment. The judge mentioned that what I argued won’t change his decision until I brought up the Due Process clause THAT SHUT HIM DOWN QUICKLY. HE had to order the respondent to file a MEMORANDUM OF LAW and told me to answer with my Memorandum of law. NONE THE LESS YOUR ARGUMENTS HELP ME WITH THIS DIFFICULT PROCESS I SEEN JUDGES ARE AFRAID OF BEING ON THE RECORD REGARDING 14 amendment. I argued word for word the exact same thing from your family court video court proceedings and it worked it got the judge to think twice on ruling against me that day. He went back to review my argument. . . . I got the judge thinking twice and it’s because of your hard work. Thank you for all your doing to help people. Keep up the hard work it’s paying off.
— Father in Florida
I reached to my phone turned on you tube typed in custody and there pops up Ron and Sherry. You 2 have reignited a fire under my ass and I am truly grateful. My daughter deserves me never backing down to always stay in the fight. I have always owned up to it’s my fault she is here on earth with such a hateful mother I just didn’t know how to make her suffering go away. Fact is I never can and it drives me crazy but thanks to the work the 2 of you are doing and total support from my wife, my daughter will have that much more of a chance in life. Thanks for everything
— Father in Oregon
Sherry/Ron: I wanted to thank you for your efforts in reforming the family law system. I read your book and it helped me write my petition.
— Mother in California
I also would like to thank you and if I could I would give you the world because in 2020 I was also fighting for the custody of my oldest son who he is 3 now. But because I was pro se as i am again, pushed me to watching all your YouTube videos and listening to Ron’s sound cloud recordings over and over again. Which I then applied it and got what I wanted from the court after being bullied by the other side and the judge. I’m sincerely thankful for that.
— Father in Arizona
I had another hearing today on different issues with my own case. This time it was about the Judge having to decide between appointing a GAL or Interviewing the children in private chambers. I opposed to both of them. I won. Saved $15k to $30k of dollars and 6 to 8 months delay in my case. Both were denied. Heavenly Father help me bit the same attorney again as pro-se. How did I do it? Stick to the constitutional rights you and your children already have. Why people keep waiving them? That’s insane. Thank you Ron and Sherry!!!!
— Father in Florida
There’s a saying that when you’re playing in someone else’s arena, you have to play by their rules. Unfortunately, being pro per in divorce court, and playing by their rules, means the odds are always stacked against you. In my divorce case, this was certainly true as I was slowly, but steadily, losing ground, and I was unwilling to play dirty as my spouse and opposing counsel did. Sherry and Ron’s material helps you shift to a more favorable arena. It has shifted my entire outlook and perspective. I now walk into court more calm and confident. I think that new attitude is helping turn the tide.
— Father in California
I reached out to Sherry Palmer of Fix It Courts based on a recommendation only. I watched her YouTube content and was impressed with her knowledge, passion, patience, compassion and genuine need to help others and drive change. Since I was in crisis mode and had urgent litigation deadlines, she met with me the next day and helped me draft content for various legal deliverables which my attorney adopted. While she helped me with my custody litigation strategy, she also helped me mentally and emotionally since, like many people in similar situations, I was suffering from the court abuse and fraud, low self-esteem, fear and anxiety. Her logical approach while painting realistic pictures of potential outcomes gave me some courage and fueled my low energy levels. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am to her and I wish I had met her from the very beginning. I hope to help her someday in her work in family law reform.
— Mother in Washington State

There is Supreme Court case law holding that people in established associations are permitted to provide significant legal help to each other. When we work directly with parents, we ask them to become members to demonstrate that we are formally associated in common cause to apply the federal constitution to protect children from family law judges who would irreparably injure them.

We work with pro se parents and attorneys to craft the best constitutional argument you will find anywhere and the constitutional argument is universal across the U. S. We work in all 50 states so we see and experience things your local attorney never will. Your attorney can't match our multi-state experience our our deep constituitonal knowledge and we aren't experts in your local rules so its a perfect match.

We help with pre-trial, trial, post-trial, appeals, mandamus, habeas corpus, certiorari, and ways to get into the federal courts before federal judges who have no self-interest in best-interest.