Has the GAL become your enemy? Are you afraid appointing a GAL will hurt you? Get rid of the GAL now or prevent a GAL from ever being appointed.

What is a GAL? Generic legal definition of Guardian At Litem.

Here are 6 steps to get rid of the GAL.

Starting point recommendations to protect yourself from this illegal prosecution.

    1. Insist that the court provide you with guidance on what process is due your specific case and what statutes are being used to deprive you of fundamental rights. (This is very challenging and you will need to have read our booksor get a consultwith us to help you adapt some of the arguments to help you do this.)
    2. If you believe that your state's statute authorizing the court to appoint an amicus or a GAL in your state is unconstitutional, you would find the rules in your state for making a constitutional challenge to a statute, and follow those. Some rules require that you notify the Attorney General in your state. (Just because a statute is authorizing a judge to do something doesn't mean that they are allowed to do what they are doing.)
    3. Consider filing a request for a protective order quashing the order for the GAL/amicus, and ask for an emergency hearing on the matter since it is immediately depriving you of the use of your own money. (This is an important concept to understand when you are making a constitutional challenge on deprivation of your property.)
    4. If the court denies you the ex parte motion and denies an immediate quash of their own order, try a request for a STAY until you can have it run through the appellate courts on a mandamus (or whatever mechanism that you have in your state to be heard on an interlocutory or temporary order)***
    5. File declaratory judgment reliefin your trial court in addition to the above and ask them to rule before your next hearing. (We made this easy by providing samples on our motions page.) If the court denies the motions, fails to rule on them in a timely manner before your next hearing, and you believe that you are facing deprivation of fundamental rights, and that the amicus/GAL is a violation of your constitutional rights contact us so that we can assist your attorney evaluate the rest of the process and find what is right for you. www.fixfamilycourts.com/contactus
    6. Learn your fundamental parental rights and the argument behind them. You will need to know the arguments to help your attorney protect your requests. You can attend the online course here, “Protecting Family Rights,” and get started right away.

Motion to dismiss GAL

Has the GAL become your enemy? Are you afraid appointing a GAL will hurt you? Get rid of the GAL now or prevent a GAL from ever being appointed. This sample motion provides you and your attorney a comprehensive approach to removing the GAL. Your attorney will charge you many hours of time to create something like this from scratch. Save time and money and start from our sample.