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Real-World, Rights-Based Solutions for Defending and Protecting your Equal Time and Rights with your children
*We cannot guarantee that you will win. There are never any guarantees. We can only try to help you improve your chances by providing you with the most powerful tools we have. Everyone's results are different. We are not attorneys and are not a substitution for an attorney.

Solutions From Fix Family Courts

Now you have The ultimate source for solutions to protect your rights to your children


Books exposing how family law actually works and how the courts are violating not only your rights but your child's rights.

Motions Pleadings

Motions and Pleadings that provide real world examples of how to make and cite constitutional rights arguments in family court.

Training Courses

Training classes that teach parents how to recognize and protect their constitutional rights to their children and their children's rights to each parent.

Topic Webinars

Videos on topics of importance to you in your battle to keep your rights to your children


Coaching begins with an initial consultation where we learn about your case and tell you where we can help. From their the details of your case determine what help will best serve your needs.

Attorney Support

Its not enough to simply craft new approaches and arguments, your attorney must feel comfortable with making these arguments during trial. We can coach your attorney through this or even assist your attorney at trial.

Strategy Workshops

Strategy Workshops

Topic Videos

Videos on topics of importance to you in your battle to keep your rights to your children

What is Happening to Others Not Using These Tools?



The founders of Fix Family Courts were financially devastated by the family court system. We lost businesses, homes, cars, children, and our incomes. We came close to homelessness and despair, so we know how difficult this process can be for parents. For this reason, we provide as much content as we can for free. In order to continue providing this information we do have to charge for premium content. However, we offer free videos, extensive blog content, and other free content pages on this site. We attempt to guide parents to free resources that simply were not available to us when we went through this.


In our attempt to provide as much information as we can for as low a price as we can, we have created a membership site. For a small monthly fee our members will have access to a wealth of content that we couldn't otherwise afford to provide or that would have to wait for a full book. We have placed our entire sixteen hour $300 dollar protecting family rights course in membership site. If you couldn't afford it before, you can now. Will be continuously updating the information available to members. If you want the in depth information with citations to source materials, this is the place for you.