Before you hire that attorney, you need to know what they should be doing.

Most parents just go to an attorney, pay a retainer of thousands of dollars, and then wait around like they are expecting something magical to happen. When you pay your mechanic you expect the mechanic to diagnose the problem, tell you how much, you pay, and then you return to pick up a repaired vehicle. So that’s what parents expect. That’s what happens in most businesses. You need your computer fixed, you take it to a computer specialist, pay them, and then pick up a fixed computer. So don’t kick yourself when this isn’t what happened with your lawyer. There was no way for you to know until something happened. There was no reason for you to know.

Now you know. So what can you do to change it?

How do you get the results you want? The first step is to figure out if you can find an attorney to do the job for you. The following video was made a while back and sadly is still relevant. There are more attorneys starting to realize that they cannot continue to operate under the same status quo; but parents are still finding it difficult to find the right attorney. And parents have an even greater task, it’s more than finding the right attorney; its finding an attorney that understands what really needs to be done to protect you and your child from being separated, and to fight to be more than just a visitor.

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Were you told by your attorney that “You have Rights, We Protect Them?” Probably not.

More Money

You gave them money before you found out what you were buying! Where else do you do that? Who else would you give money too and not understand what the money is going to do for you? With something as important as your children and your future ability to be free to make your own life decisions, you would think that we would be more careful. But what happens when you are afraid and hurt and scared, you trust the people that claim to protect you. But what does that mean?

Before you turn over thousands of dollars to an attorney, shouldn’t you know what you are buying? Do you give anyone else $10,000 or even $20,000 up front and not know exactly what you are buying with that money? How many of you walk in and pay for a car outright? All of a sudden, in a divorce you are expected to fork over your entire life’s savings and sell everything you own and accept what they do and do what they say. What are you buying with that money? Are you buying to be bullied or forced into things that make you powerless or keep you under the control of the courts or your ex?

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You and your attorney have different ideas of what is a good result.

Do you know what your attorney thinks is a good result? What if you and your attorney are not thinking the same? What if your attorney thinks it’s a good result if he just keeps you out of court no matter the cost to you long term, regardless of whether you are made a visitor in your child’s life or whether you have to pay for counseling forever. What if your attorney thinks it is a win to get you just a little bit more than you have already, but not what you had in mind and that was having your rights back and not having to support the other parent forever. What if you paid your attorney all of this money and now they threaten to quit and get hostile with you when you tell them that you are not happy with being forced into their idea of a good deal? Is that what you paid for? REGISTER FOR THE WEBINAR AND FIND OUT HOW TO STOP THROWING YOUR MONEY AWAY. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR THE WEBINAR ON TUESDAY

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You didn’t set any boundaries.

Do you know what your attorney plans to give up on your behalf to keep you out of court? How do you set these boundaries? What are these boundaries? If you don’t know then you subject yourself to the ones that the attorney decides. And what is your attorney giving up on your behalf in court? When you talk to your attorney about your options are you only given that the judge decides if you end up in court? Are you being left open and vulnerable even though you thought you paid for protection? Did you define this protection?winning image 2014[iv]

You didn’t define what winning looks like and you weren’t explained the consequences of what winning on the attorney’s terms gives up.

Do you know what your attorney considers a win? Some attorneys, most think that winning is getting a little more than what you have had taken from you. Some think that winning is staying out of court. And then others think that winning is intimidating until one side gives in or runs out of money. Is this the kind of winning you had in mind?

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You didn’t tell your attorney what you weren’t willing to bargain away.

Are you paying an attorney to bully you and tell you to give in to the other side? When you asked the attorney to help you, did you just leave it up to the attorney how they would help and what would be part of that help? Did you end up with family studies and psych evals because the attorney said that’s what needed to be done in order to get to where you were asking to be? Are you asking for something that puts you at more risk? Did your attorney explain any of this?

What does it mean when an attorney tells you that they will file motions and pleadings and respond to the other attorney? What is in these motions and pleadings and what are the consequences of those?

We hope this isn’t happening to you. But if it is we know that you may feel like you have no choice. And you are right if you continue to give your attorney money without finding out what you are going to get for that money.

At the end of this webinar you will know how to fix this and you’ll have a template of a agreement you can use to clarify what you expect when you hire an attorney.

Before you go any further find out what you should be asking for and when you might be paying an attorney to bully you to give in and give up.

If you are being told that what they are offering you is better than what you have and you are a fit parent, why are you paying for someone to give up your rights and your child’s rights. Is that what you thought you were paying for?

Attend this webinar and leave with a contract that you can present to attorneys to make sure that you are making it clear what you are willing to pay for and what you are not.

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Take control over how your money is used. Know when to walk and find someone else. Know what to do if you cannot find anyone and have to do it yourself.

All this and more in this webinar. It’s tomorrow so enroll before the seats are gone. WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU THINK I SHOULD SIGN THAT DEAL! Don’t let yourself fall into this trap. Get the help that you need now so that you won’t be caught here after you’ve given your attorney $10,000 to $20,000 dollars. That’s right you’ll pay just about anything to keep your child and to prove that you are right and that you did nothing wrong, and they know this. Next thing you know you’ll be running out of money and they’ll be telling you to sign off on something that you don’t like and telling you “that’s the best deal you’re going to get.”

Don’t gamble with your money and your children’s futures. Don’t give your future away where you can’t rebuild after your divorce!

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** There are no guaranteed results and Sherry and Ron B Palmer are not attorneys. We are not responsible for your results and you use this information at your own risk. These materials are meant for fit parents that have not been deemed to be a clear and present danger to their children. Results may be different for every person.