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Rebuttable Presumption

TOOL OF THE DAY: If you want to defend yourself adequately, you need to understand rebuttable presumptions and how they can be used against you.

Modification…a slippery slope in justice

TOOL OF THE DAY: Child custody, child support, and alimony modification all seem to have separate sets of rules when it comes to family law. Some of the rules a

Title IV-D

TOOL OF THE DAY: they are using our children as cash cows or what some may call a "cash for kids" or a form of "child trafficking" scheme. The reason that this

Trial Testimony…how to preserve error and avoid t

TOOL OF THE DAY: example of how to testify in a way that integrates your rights without ever having to say the words “I have these rights” or “it is my constitu

Top 3 Questions to Ask an Expert Before you Waste Your

TOOL OF THE DAY: This was a very expensive lesson to learn on the spot. So here are a few sample questions you could ask an expert before

The 4 Steps for Entering Evidence

Basic steps for entering evidence and authenticating evidence in your divorce and child custody case.

Equal Parenting Time Doesn’t Get You Equal Treatm

TOOL OF THE DAY: Did you know that the Social Security... You just might lose the child’s benefit check to the other parent even if you only

Basics for Framing Your Case when there is Parental Ali

TOOL OF THE DAY: Framing your case properly is the most important thing you can do to protect yourself from parental alienation.

Does Right of First Refusal Feed Narcissists?

TOOL OF THE DAY: What is the right of first refusal in child custody? The Right of First Refusal like best interest sounds great in theory but in practice its f

Should I File for Divorce?

TOOL OF THE DAY: Divorce Alternatives the things that you are not told about divorce

What is the Order Entry Process?

TOOL OF THE DAY: The Order Entry Process begins the moment your final trial ends and a lot can go wrong. You need to plan ahead for this process.

Florida Alimony Reform HB943 Update

TOOL OF THE DAY: Florida Alimony Reform HB943 Update hosted by Alan Frisher, Spokesman for Family Law Reform, Inc., Terrance Power, and family law attorney Lori

Resources for Co-Parenting and Strengthening Families

TOOL OF THE DAY: Children are losing when fathers are incarcerated or stripped of their driver's licenses. What is the role that father's play in a child's life

Support Webinars for Parents are Making a Difference

TOOL OF THE DAY: Support through webinars support and guidance to parents and attorneys that cannot be found anywhere else.

Can the Majority Vote to Have Your Constitutional Right

TOOL OF THE DAY: More and more students/parents of our courses are making their mark and paving the way for constitutional protections in the family courts. The

Best Interest Tips

If you are going to face the court because your divorce did not settle, you will be faced with much more than just convincing the court that you are the better

Equality is Accepted in Marriages and Dating, but Not i

TOOL OF THE DAY: “if there was a good mom” then the father would be told that they weren’t going to take custody from the good mom.

Testifying Before a Legislative Committee

TOOL OF THE DAY: So many people showed up to testify on HB2363 Equal Parenting Bill that it overwhelmed the committee! The chair, Rep. Dutton stated that there

Imputed Income…Bad for Children

TOOL OF THE DAY: Imputed Income…Bad for Children CATEGORY: Family Law (Child Support) What is imputed income? This is where the court can order you to pay child

Child Abuse…Lowered Standards have Hidden Costs

TOOL OF THE DAY: Child Abuse…Lowered Standards have Hidden Costs CATEGORY: Family Law Due Process This must have been shocking when this father found this

Child Support… Identifying the Legal Issues and O

TOOL OF THE DAY: Child Support…Identifying the Legal Issues and Organizing Your Winning Argument! CATEGORY: Family Law Argument Organization What reasoning does

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