Our Associates

Dr. Richard Warshak

for educational materials like a video you can share with your children called Welcome Back Pluto and you can educate yourself with a book about preventing badmouthing of the other parent called Divorce Poison. Dr. Richard Warshak is also an expert witness.


Dr. J. Michael Bone

For educating yourself and your attorney and counselor on how to present alienation to the courts. Dr. J. Michael Bone is also an expert witness.


Joan T. Kloth-Zanard and PAS-Intervention

Training for Parental Alienation. Joan is the author of two books on parental alienation, a speaker, trainer, and community resource.

“Where Did I Go Wrong? How Did I Miss The Signs?” is a prevention and intervention resource tool for parents, courts, attorney’s, counselors, agencies and anyone else who needs help with high conflict divorce and relationships. From start to finish, this book talks about divorce, marriage, hostile aggressive parenting during and after a divorce, how to deal with this, and help the children to thrive. From cover to cover, this book is filled with information to help stop the snowball affect of high conflict divorce, hostile aggressive parenting, all of which leads to the psychological abuse of the children by destroying their relationship with one of their parents or another relative.”


Jennifer McBride

Jennifer McBride’s book is a primer on parental alienation.


Dr. Douglas Darnall, Ph.D.


Rosalind Sedacca

For a book that doesn’t just tell you how to say to the kids you are getting a divorce but tells it for you. This book will help you tell your kids about your divorce without making the kids pay the price for your divorce. This book also has guides and is a workbook.


Catherine MacWillie

Catherine is not only an expert in parental alienation, she is a sought after expert in international child abductions, cps investigations, and divorce-related crime. Catherine saw firsthand domestic violence, child abuse, and false allegations when she worked as a police officer. She has spent her retirement devoted to helping parents find their way out of the conflict with the least collateral damage. Catherine is an all in kind of person and when she works with you to resolve your high conflict divorce, she isn’t afraid to call the ex, the attorneys, and the experts involved in your case in order to get resolution for you as quickly and inexpensively as possible. Contact Catherine MacWillie at CustodyCalculations.com


Melody Brooke, MA, LMFT, LCSW

Melody is a licensed marriage and family therapist who specializes in anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, sexual abuse, and life coaching. Melody’s unique set of personal experience in filmmaking, acting, step-parenting, marriage, and divorce, makes her uniquely qualified to help you find yourself and build your dream life, while also addressing the emotional rollercoaster of living life. We all know that those that achieve success also experience the biggest risks and have the greatest rewards. Melody has experience with success and failure. She has authored several books, has online classes, has coached large groups, is a key note speaker, and is an award-winning actress. Contact Melody if you want to get off that hamster wheel and start making progress to finding yourself and making the most of your life right now at MelodyBrooke.net


Dr. Mark Roseman, Ph.D. - Parental Alienation Expert

Dr. Mark Roseman is an expert in parental alienation and parent separation.

Dr. Roseman is a researcher and lecturer in the field of high conflict divorce and shared parenting, and is the author of the book, Preserving Family Ties, An Authoritative Guide to Understanding Divorce and Child Custody. Bringing to the forefront, the important research demonstrating how child outcomes are maximized when two loving parents remain involved in the child’s life.

To effectively seek improved parent-child relations and child custody decisions, then it is reasonable to seek a reduction of social and personal stress. You can find answers to some of your questions on the “Ask Dr. Mark” show on Dad Talk Today.

Dr. Roseman has found different modalities to be most effective in ameliorating these difficulties. Most importantly, they are support groups, and personal life coaching.

Today, Dr. Roseman serves on the Editorial Advisory Board of the American Journal of Family Therapy, is a member of the AFCC, and holds Certification as a Family Life Educator (CFLE). He is the Publisher of Contemporary Family, the new international online quarterly magazine providing research and opinion on parenting from around the globe. He has served as a columnist with Knight Ridder Tribune Syndicate and as a contributor to the Huffington Post Online. A father of three, Dr. Roseman earned his doctorate in Family Studies from the Union Institute’s University with a specialty in therapeutic interventions for high conflict divorce and shared parenting issues accompanying parental separation and divorce.

Preserving Family Ties

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