The first step is in taking care of you…

If you are under attack, the only thing you can think about is protecting yourself from this attack, right? And if you have been losing sleep over this, now you’re too exhausted to protect yourself, think about work, re-configure living arrangements, assess and divide assets, collect dirt on the other parent, prepare evidence, and take care of the children. So you turn to an attorney who you think is going to protect you. But then you wake up in a bigger mess, mountains of bills that you cannot possibly pay, no protection of your rights, and the threat that your attorney is going to quit; and still no end in sight. Feeling helpless and hopeless, you have no idea where to turn, what to do, or how to turn this around. You have no idea how to get protection from further attack…

There isn’t any mystery here, is there? If you don’t know by now then you haven’t been through it. The way that divorce is handled and the way that parents are taken advantage of and children are used has gotten out of control. As Gloria Allred stated in Divorce Corp. “Those that can afford justice, get it.” Do they really? We would argue that those that can afford it get to pay for more corruption and injustice without ever getting justice.

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If things are just getting worse for you every day. And you don’t sleep well at night anymore because you see no way out, no way to turn things around, and have no money left to ask for help. You need to join us Friday. Sign up here and learn where you may have gone off track and where to go now.

If you are one of “the multitudes that are struggling and have struggled through family court”, or one of “the FIT parents who have been turned into visitors”, or one of “the men and women who are slaves to permanent alimony”, or have “children who have had their free access to one or both FIT parents removed or limited”, or are one of “the multitude whose lives have been destroyed” by the Family Court System, then you know first-hand that waiting for someone else to save you is not going to happen. You know that there is no time to wait for groups and organizations to get together to push for long-term fixes. You need something done now.

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The only question left then is are you prepared and ready to take charge over your own case and to stop tolerating the crap from the courts regardless of their threats? Be better able to answer this after Friday.

Yes, you will need the strength and resolve of the Fargo mother who refused to give in to the judge;  the strength, fearlessness, and resolve of those that fought through any injustices; those that fought and overturned the Jim Crow laws, those that fought for the ERA. You will learn how to fight past your fear and not inadvertently authorize the courts through forfeit of your rights. Then you will be a parent who brings real change now.

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Most parents don’t know how to challenge authority, status quo, or undue burdens. And so many people are making it too complicated.

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Remember the rule of thumb: Express your desire to exercise your rights or lose your right to exercise them.

“The Strength of the Constitution Lies in the Will of the People to Defend It.” ~Thomas Edison.

If you want these abuses to stop you have to stop them. You have the power to do this right now. If you want to understand how and learn more about how to do this. Sign up here for our first live webinar called Turn Your Divorce Around… Friday, January 17, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. central time.

The following will also be discussed:

1.  How to “demand that judges, attorneys, court admin, and hostile parents…be held accountable for their bias, their extortion, and their attack on the rights of individuals to life, liberty and property.

2. How to “demand family court reform in” the USA.”

Together we can all make a difference. This webinar will help you make a difference, will help you help yourself more effectively, and will unite groups and people in the same pursuit of justice. These discussions are tools in the CALL to ACTION! Together we will put an end to Parental Alienation and Hostile Parenting; put an end to Children being used as pawns in an endless campaign of hatred and revenge; and an end to allowing false accusations destruction.

We will provide, connect and promote people and tools to create real change. This is no longer just WORDS that fall on deaf ears. Together we make these words come to life and create the change that we all want. Together, with these simple tools, we’ll make and push bills through legislation that are not watered down.

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If you want to be effective and create real change then you are welcome to join us. We are here to transform, motivate and educate to prevent further harm, “NOT cause further harm.”

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*A special thanks to Tina Granstrom for letting us use some of her inspirational writing that she recently posted on her Facebook page called We Demand Family Court Reform.