d-i-v-o-r-c-e-1024 BIG LOVE hbo accessed 20140302What if the other parent didn’t think that they could gain advantage over you by getting you kicked out of the house, spending more time with the kids than you, and by turning the children on you…

What if the other parent didn’t think that they could have a better life financially in divorce…

Would there have been as much to fight about?

Find out what we have uncovered as possibly the most powerful argument to overcome STATUS QUO. What if you could change everything by just changing the way something is argued?

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Are you tired of being told there’s nothing you can do to overcome status quo, that’s just the way it is, or one person wins and the other person loses in divorce and child custody battles in family courts and the way to gain advantage is to start changing who you are! Are you tired of constantly feeling disadvantaged and bullied? Learn how to stop playing the game their way!!!

Did you just accept STATUS QUO as the reason or the excuse you couldn’t be with your child equal time? Want a way to argue that you have a right to be with your child equally after divorce even if the other parent stayed home with your child during the marriage? Want to be in the driver’s seat!

We are going to talk about the #1 way to overcome the status quo argument that the courts have been using to deprive you of your equal time to your child on Friday, March 14, 2014. STATUS QUO, what is it, why do they use it, and what if they have a statute that gives them permission to use it?

Register here if you want to find out and be in the driver’s seat instead of a passenger being taken for the worst nightmarish ride of your life! I choose to be the driver and learn HOW To Overcome STATUS QUO March 14, 2014 from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. central time. END THE NIGHTMARE and turn on the lights! Learn what is happening and how to expose it in your case.

Remember, we are not attorneys and not practicing law and we do not guarantee results. We introduce you to ideas and information the same way that Martin Luther King, Jr., John F. Kennedy, and other great leaders did. And we introduce you to methods and tactics that come from authorities that empower you that are already there just like Freedom Riders did.

And we teach you how to come up with creative ways to assert your rights like Rosa Parks employed to create the changes that you know are just and right.

None of these are guaranteed, but then neither was Abraham Lincoln’s vision, or John F. Kennedy’s to walk on the moon, or Martin Luther King, Jr.’s vision for blacks to be treated equally for the content of their character and not the color of their skin. But that didn’t deter them or make them give up, and neither should it deter you or make you give up.

None of them were guaranteed results or had proof that they would achieve their vision, they just believed, shared, and applied pressure according to their beliefs and the authority that they knew they had. We are helping you find your way to your authority and empower you with information that helps you retain your rights and learn how to tell those in power what to do and not you just being told what to do.

One of the easiest ways attorneys get parents to sling mud at each other and pour all of the resources that they have into a needless winner-loser fight is to tell you that the only way for you to overcome status quo is to prove that you are the better parent. WRONG!!!!! That’s just the only way they chose to tell you about. And even then you have no guarantees.

What if there was a better way? A way that gives you more authority and empowers you to be the decision maker? There is a better way!  Join us and learn the #1 way that we found to overcome STATUS QUO in the upcoming FREE webinar on March 14, 2014 from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. central time. Register now and join others that DON’T BELIEVE I HAVE TO PROVE THE OTHER PARENT IS BAD IN ORDER TO HAVE MY CHILD EQUALLY

You don’t have to suffer their default of “just prove you are the better parent, the favored parent, the more loved parent as the only way to have a chance” of remaining a meaningful and authoritative part of your child’s life. You don’t have to stand there helplessly anymore and let their archaic and uncivilized methods take over. You don’t have to accept them dictating to you that one parent paying for everything and being rendered a visitor in your child’s life is the way that responsibility is divided between parents when they are in disagreement with each other!

You can learn other ways to do this. You have resources you didn’t know about…www.fixfamilycourts.com!! Sherry and Ron B Palmer created this webinar because of the number of people asking them how they can win equal time with their children when the other parent is using that they spent more time raising the children while they were working to disadvantage them? So we created this webinar #3 to bring you this information. GRAD YOUR SEAT HERE TODAY BEFORE THE WEBINAR FILLS UP! (Missed the other 2 webinars on Challenging Authority and the intro webinar to introducing you to the concepts of Challenging Authority, Status Quo, and Undue Burdens, register here and reserve your seat for the webinar coming up on the 14th and receive the links for the first two. PLEASE ENROLL ME AND SEND ME THE LINKS FOR THE FIRST TWO WEBINARS THAT I MISSED!)

You might have received this explanation from your attorney about how STATUS QUO works, that “the longer a temporary order stays in place, the firmer a status quo arrangement becomes.”[i] If you don’t learn early that there are different ways to argue STATUS QUO, you won’t have other options other than to suffer the decision of strangers of the court or to be bullied into settling for something that you didn’t want because you thought you couldn’t overcome something in the first place.

You want to be the one to make the decisions in your life and your child’s after divorce without going broke and tortured for the rest of the years endlessly, then learn how to protect your rights to continue to do this, and at the least how to set yourself up to be able to challenge if they abuse their power!

If you want more peace of mind empower yourself! Learn about what you aren’t being told and where STATUS QUO really stands. Learn how you or your attorney could add empowerment when constructing your case so that you have a chance of getting the results that you want without added unnecessary expense. If you want to be able to do this, then you definitely need to learn how they use STATUS QUO to disadvantage you and HOW TO OVERCOME STATUS QUO. You might still have a chance to grab your seat here: SAVE ME A SEAT!

Once the FREE webinar is full, the overflow will not be able to attend live but will receive a recording of the webinar as soon as it is ready. Sometimes that takes several days to a couple of weeks to be ready, so if you want the information now, I encourage you to clear your schedule and attend live on March 14, 2014 from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. central time!

You do not want to miss this one and pay a greater price by not knowing!!!

(NOTE: If you are finished with your battle and just want to reform the system, we have different webinars for that, send us an e-mail at info@fixfamilycourts.com AND ask for the link to the next reform webinar.
And if you just started going through divorce but think that because you haven’t suffered yet that this doesn’t apply to you. We encourage you to learn about this now so that you have it available and you can make better choices from the beginning. Part of the way this happens is by convincing you that you can prevail over the other parent. We are here to tell you that this is a really bad path to follow!)


[i] http://www.divorce360.com/divorce-articles/law/advice/ready-divorce-in-5-steps.aspx?artid=526 accessed March 1, 2014. (Link is no longer good 11/15/2017.)

What many of you didn’t know is that this information has been there all along, you just didn’t know it and weren’t told about it. Register here for I WANT TO KNOW HOW I CAN FIGHT STATUS QUO.

What did you really expect to happen with the scenario attorneys, judges, other experts have been feeding you? Did you even question it? Did you know how or did you even let your own cultural beliefs that have been ingrained in you get in the way? Did you get pushed out of the home upon the filing of the divorce and now the argument that the children should remain in the care of the same parent that cared for them the majority of the time during the marriage, that they need to stay in the same schools, and around the same friends as a reason to deprive them and you of being with each other equally?

The attorneys act confused when you are unhappy with the results you get after they help you beat the other parent up. How could it not be lengthy and expensive to go through and pick apart someone’s life? And how were they going to guarantee you any results when they were depending on convincing a judge to like one parent over the other—very subjective and emotional. And most likely if you weren’t the person that initiated the divorce you probably weren’t as prepared as you needed to be. And if you were the person that was prepared and still lost, then you might just be left with feeling you just weren’t prepared enough. It feels like there’s always a reason you just didn’t do something quite good enough or have enough, or the court screwed you because they didn’t understand the truth or allow all of the evidence, right? Or perhaps they believed the other side’s lies and you got shafted and perjured.

Are you tired of asking yourself why or how did this happen? And want a better way? When you attend this webinar you will learn the #1 way to argue that you have a right to make changes to your life and your child’s life in divorce: http://gowoa.me/i/FfHD

Perhaps you’ve heard that the system is crooked, perhaps you’ve heard that even Jason Patric who started the Stand for Gus campaign and Alec Baldwin, and many other wealthy and famous people were taken out of their child’s life, and you feel like if they couldn’t win then how do you with even less money stand a chance to win? It’s the tools that you fight with that matter, not the amount of money that you have. The money provides you with your ticket to fight, but isn’t the fight itself. Just like Mohammed Ali and all the great athletes of our time, its how you train for the fight that determines who ultimately prevails. Now there’s training for you that can HELP YOU LEARN TO FIGHT uncivilized and archaic wrongheaded thinking. This webinar could change your life and save you from the fate that so many before have suffered because they just didn’t know.

How many of those before you just didn’t question any of the old practices? Did you question their practices? Maybe not if you didn’t know there was a way to question it. There are reasons that attorneys want to monopolize everything that you are told about the law and the way this works, and it’s not so that all of your rights are protected. If you’ve seen the movie Divorce Corp. then you know there are many other reasons behind their monopoly in family courts.

You want more peace of mind and a better way! REGISTER HERE

And if you’re not convinced and you think that doing it their way is still the only way. And you’re not convinced because there are no guarantees doing it different. Think about this. Keep doing it their way and have no chance of getting any different results. Keep being afraid of changing how you think about this fight and how you fight it… then never know if there was a chance of getting different results. What would have happened if everyone was too afraid to adopt what Martin Luther King, Jr. taught? What would have happened if no one ever challenged the idea that women shouldn’t vote? What would have happened if Rosa Parks refused to move to the back of the bus? When other great leaders started out, they didn’t have any guarantees and most of them didn’t even have any results to show for what they were teaching or preaching. And the information is only as good as those that start to use it…and people start demanding those things. Remember Blacks couldn’t exercise their rights until they started finding creative ways to put pressure on those that were stopping them from exercising their rights, even after they had gotten their rights confirmed in the Supreme Court. They wouldn’t enjoy the exercise of their rights today if they hadn’t tried something new and different and learned how to put pressure on those in power!

If you don’t start putting pressure on those in power. If you don’t start challenging the idea that you can argue things differently. If you don’t start breaking out of the mold that they have put in place to keep you in the bad patterns with the bad results that they have devised over time that is producing the bad results, then they will not change how they do things and child after child and mother and father after mother and father will continue to go through this uncivilized machine called the family court system.

If you are not allowed to argue things any differently then why do you need an attorney in the first place? If everything is going to be argued the same and nothing is ever going to change then what good does having an attorney do. Why wouldn’t you just learn the status quo yourself and go in and just sign off on what they are going to order anyway and save yourself all of that expense? That’s essentially what you are doing now but at a very great expense. You are being milked for the privilege of suffering the status quo. You are being tricked to buy into a pipe dream. And even if you do win in a highly contentious battle, you are still probably broke and your children have probably been used in this battle and have become part of the collateral damage.

You might ask yourself why have attorneys chosen not to present the other arguments? Some of them might not have ever learned how to argue these other things, others might be afraid because perhaps they’ve heard stories or even seen other attorneys that got creative get suspended and labeled and threatened and called names, just like parents do that figure out that the courts really didn’t have the authority to do what they have been doing.

But when you call their bluff, the attorney might threaten to not represent you and then you feel that you will lose for sure. Why wouldn’t you, they set it up this way. And when you try to frame your case properly in the courts naturally they attack you by making you feel like you don’t know what you are doing or you are not understanding the laws, and you don’t know how it works. Of course, you naturally cower because you think that they are talking about the actual meaning of the laws. They are most likely trying to protect their own STATUS QUO, being able to use their power without being challenged, being allowed to determine what is best for your child without having established that their authority is superior to yours, etc. And perhaps the attorneys get scared because, what attorney wants to create waves when they have to continue to survive within the walls of these courts long after your case is done and gone. After all, after your case, they will all still have to see each other and work together. You’ll be gone and out of their hair. So they just try to make it as painless as possible for themselves. That’s only one part of it.

There are other factors that have contributed to these patterns in family court…how was your attorney trained, do they know how to argue a statute that is unconstitutionally conveying authority to the judge? Most attorneys that I’ve asked were taught to enforce the statutes not challenge them. So, what kind of representation are you getting from them anyway? How would you know to ask any of this if you were never exposed to these ideas or no one every taught you or told you?

Do you want to keep getting information from the same source that has been netting the same bad results with no end or hope for change in sight because it would remove too much benefit for them? It’s no wonder you keep getting bad results. You’ve left it up to those that have an interest in being able to continue to earn a living within the very walls of the courts that are undermining your rights and your authority by keeping you in the dark. Instead of challenging or questioning what they do, you’ve just essentially handed your children and your checkbook over to strangers in black robes and officers of the stranger in the black robe.

Yesterday, when I was listening to the Leaving Footprints radio show, I realized that I haven’t heard anyone talking about arguing STATUS QUO regarding the children and the finances any differently! I’ve heard people make excuses for why status quo needs to be there and define the meaning of the words and say that someone has to keep everything the same until the trial. I’ve heard many explain that temporary hearings are necessary because you have to make sure that the house, the bills, and the children all remain the same until the court can hear all the evidence otherwise. Some say it doesn’t seem fair and others say that everything should be kept the same and therefore it is justified. I’ve read lots of blogs and heard courts explain how they define it and explain the way the courts will handle it as if that is just the way it has been and therefore it is!

But who has really argued how they are justifying it and what authority they have to enforce it? And why have so many people just accepted it? Why don’t more people question it?

I find that most people don’t act this way in anything else in life. If someone told you that they were going to take over your paycheck and your children, you would fight them tooth and nail with all the tools and power you could find. But for some reason in so many of these divorce and child custody battles parents just blindly follow their attorney and believe that there is no way that a judge is going to take their child from them because they didn’t do anything wrong. For some reason you keep believing that the judge is going to see through the lies and you’ll be the one left in charge of the children. You refuse to think of this in any other terms or any other way. You just keep approaching this as if one of you has to win and one has to lose. You never would approach anything else in life like this. And now that it comes down to the most important being in your life, your child, you just turn them over to strangers.

Ever heard of a weapon sometimes making you more vulnerable. Is believing that an attorney is protecting you making you more vulnerable? Why not find out? That’s the other reason we have brought this webinar to you. We felt that YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR RIGHTS TO YOUR CHILD. Register and find out what you didn’t know you didn’t know that might have helped you turn your child custody situation around, and if you still have opportunity perhaps you can still present it. http://gowoa.me/i/FfHD

Wouldn’t you go out and train and make sure that you had the best tools and the best fighting chance? Why then do you leave it up to an attorney? You believe they are the best tool and the best fighting chance, right? How many people would you keep paying for unknown results, for very unlikely chances, and who doesn’t come up with a plan with the least amount of long-term destruction?

Has there been anything else in life that you have allowed to come between you and your children? Why now? You thought you had to in divorce, right? After all it’s a judge, right? You were taught to respect judges and their authority. And who would have ever thought that they would be exceeding their authority and not actually doing their job in its entirety? You never knew or even thought to question this did you? Or perhaps you just said, “It’s America and we don’t have regular injustices, the judges know what they are doing and they will do the right thing,” right? Or maybe you think or thought that those bad result cases are rare and they happen to someone else. Don’t wait to be a victim! Don’t wait to be more victimized if you’re already being rendered a visitor in your child’s life!

You’re going through a divorce and have enough to worry about, you didn’t want to have to worry about all of this too, I know. You thought if you just hired an attorney everything would be covered, that you’d be protected. And then you didn’t know to question the attorney when the only thing they kept telling you was to get them enough dirt on the other person so that you can be the chosen one by the judge. Really, did any of us stop to think about this before we started forking over endless pockets of money?

An then the attorneys have the gall to warn you of being taken advantage of, warn you that your rights might not be protected if you don’t have a good attorney, and warn you not to try anything that they haven’t tried before! Then they choose not to protect all of your rights and to play gamesmanship, use ambush tactics, and manipulate emotions as opposed to actually protecting your rights to your child and your child’s rights to you! But you didn’t specify when you hired them, you didn’t know that you needed to. You thought you had a good attorney that really cares. That might be so, they may be very good at surviving within this system and they may really want to help you win, but how does that really help you in the big picture of things if they aren’t really protecting your parental rights! You let them make you sign a form that gave them the authority to make all the decisions without giving you any guarantees or even listing specifically what rights they would be protecting! Did you even know to ask? And if you had would you have recognized a problem even then? If you wouldn’t, then you need to join us. (Click on the hyperlink and it will take you to the registration page.)

You might be wondering, what does STATUS QUO have to do with your rights to the custody of your child in divorce? Is this the proper application of state authority? Does the other parent have the right to demand that you continue the conditions of the marriage and the agreements that you made during the marriage? Are there different ways to argue this that you don’t know about? Does your attorney know any other way to argue it other than having to beat up your ex and try to make them look like a bad parent or a worse parent than you? Or perhaps it feels like your attorney turns on you because they might have their own personal bias and believe that a child should only have one home and perhaps they believe the child’s life should remain unchanged. How many of you have heard that “the child shouldn’t be punished, they aren’t the ones getting the divorce?” Do you recognize these traps? Do you have some of them yourself?

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