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Our team specializes in constitutional law principles as they apply in family law, working across multiple states to develop a deep understanding of how family law is implemented in different jurisdictions. We bring expertise in addressing challenges to constitutional rights in family law cases and provide comprehensive counter-arguments. With a focus on protecting parental rights and advocating for clients, we stay updated on legal trends and judicial opinions, offering innovative solutions to courts struggling with the complexities of parental demands for justice. Whether it's navigating different procedural rules, legal cultures, or state-specific approaches to family law, our experienced team collaborates with pro se parents needing to communicate parental rights principles to their attorneys, and with attorneys to help provide effective representation from start to finish, increasing the liklihood of more favorable outcomes in state and federal trial cases and appeals.

Radio Interview of the authors of the book “Not i

Listen to author interview from book “Not in the Child’s Best Interest” by Marti Oakley of TS Radio on BlogTalkR

Parental Rights Are NOT Absolute!

How to respond when a child custody judge tells you that your parental rights are NOT absolute.

Are Family Law Attorneys Just Clueless?

Do family law attorneys truly believe that fundamental rights can be terminated just because you file a child custody suit?

Citizens United Makes Child Support Illegal

What parents must understand is how child support is speech and state censorship.

Best Interest NOT a legal Conflict

Justiciability: Is Best Interest a Legal Conflict that is within the authority of courts to resolve

The Best Interest Controversy

The best interest controversy is what makes the entire child custody system a fraud and you can prove it.

Marital Status

Marital Status is a concept created by American governments to separate their regulation of marriage as a civil institution from the historical religious justif


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Family Law Foundation Gloats About Defeating Equal Pare

Ever get tired of being told, “I’m not the person responsible, go to so and so and tell them about your problem in the family law system?” I bet you are. So wha

Diana Friedman of Texas sues everyone…

…in the Father’s Rights Movement and anyone who acts in concert with them. It’s not just Thomas Fidler and the Texas group that Diana is after

Common Shared Parenting Complaints – Part Two of

This is Part 2 of The Shared Parenting Series. How do you make shared parenting work when you really don’t like your ex (or your ex really doesn’t like you)? Th

Children Can’t Choose Not to go to School, Why do

Nicole Nenninger brings up several very important issues around child custody battles. She gets right to the point and we get to the heart of these destructive

Parents Getting Ready to Follow Declaratory Judgment Pa

Last Friday the gay rights movement was added to the growing list of judicial successes for ridding our society of abuse of power in the states. Prior to the su

TEXAS Equal Parenting Bill HB 2363 is DEAD!

HB 2363 Equal Parenting Bill has DIED. Calendar committee has adjourned and never even added this bill to their list. STOP CALLING the Calendar Committee tonigh

Preserving Your Rights in Family Court: Strategies for

Don't leave any issues for appeal. You must preserve issues for appeal or you waive them.

Co-Parenting Alternative for High-Conflict Relationship

a specialized co-parenting approach tailored to high-conflict relationships.

Parallel Parenting Steps for Setting Boundaries with a

Co-Parenting vs. Parallel Parenting - When it is healthier to disengage from the other parent...

How can Learning the Family Law Business Model Save You

A few simple ideas that will teach you how to save money and get on the right track for winning your freedom back.

Parallel Parenting: An Effective Co-Parenting Approach

Our comprehensive guide on parallel parenting, an effective co-parenting approach designed to navigate high-conflict situations.

What is the Truth about Dobbs Overturning Roe?

Mississippi asked the Supreme Court to "clarify whether abortion prohibitions before viability are always unconstitutional."

Rebuttable Presumption

TOOL OF THE DAY: If you want to defend yourself adequately, you need to understand rebuttable presumptions and how they can be used against you.

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This book gives you simple tools to start defending yourself today. Bad Attorneys hate this book because they don't do it this way because if they did, they would lose money.

Beginner's Guide to Family Law

A Simplified Path to Parental Rights

For a loving parent, a child custody suit can be a time of terror. The most important thing in your life is at stake and it doesn't take long to figure out that the system is rigged against you. This book provides simple straight forward and easy to understand ways to help ensure that your rights get protected. This is the starter guide for you to protect your rights.