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Our team specializes in constitutional law principles as they apply in family law, working across multiple states to develop a deep understanding of how family law is implemented in different jurisdictions. We bring expertise in addressing challenges to constitutional rights in family law cases and provide comprehensive counter-arguments. With a focus on protecting parental rights and advocating for clients, we stay updated on legal trends and judicial opinions, offering innovative solutions to courts struggling with the complexities of parental demands for justice. Whether it's navigating different procedural rules, legal cultures, or state-specific approaches to family law, our experienced team collaborates with pro se parents needing to communicate parental rights principles to their attorneys, and with attorneys to help provide effective representation from start to finish, increasing the liklihood of more favorable outcomes in state and federal trial cases and appeals.

Illinois has a New Way to Calculate Child Supp

“Up until now, Illinois has followed the “Percentage of Income” model of child support, calculating support based on a flat percentage of only the non-residential parent’s income without any con

Which legislators are interested in family law

  There are multiple bills sponsored already in Texas that affect the parent-child relationship in one way or another. One bill makes it criminal for a Guardian ad Litem to release confidential i

Education Suffers when Parents are Denied Equa

Remember that many Ph.D.’s will refer to “shared parenting”. Don’t let them get away with that. Insist on equal parenting as the starting point. Go to the post on equal parenti

Support for Equal Parenting is Good for Childr

Forcing parents into high conflict litigation over rights each parent already has before they walk through the court doors, is harmful to children. Yep, even when parents disagree, it is better for ch

Equal Parenting Bill in Texas – Second M

You know your doing good when the equal parenting bill is searched more than a gun carry bill. Second only to a bathroom bill.        If you want to follow the progress of this bill, go

Parental Rights Bill Template for Texas

You can take this Bill to your legislators in Texas and ask them to sponsor it. AN ACT for Parental Rights v2_1 FFC Bill They will add a Bill number to it and then you can distribute as a proposed bil

Wyoming has a Proposed Parental Rights Bill th

Wyoming has a proposed parental rights bill, HB0153. And it is a really good one. Super simple and to the point. Hooray! But don’t get too excited yet. It hasn’t passed yet. It has a lot o

Nevermind applying Constitutional law to your

Finding yourself stuck in the maze of Family Court life, you are likely to run into a situation where you feel helpless (um, yeah that’s why you’re here, right?). Yet, while seeking knowle

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Interpreting the Constitution

Many people believe that it is exclusively the courts’ job to interpret the constitution. This is a fallacy. What is true is that the courts most often have the final say in what is and what is

Protecting Parent-Child Bonds Equally

Sadly today, we need a Parental Rights Amendment to protect children from corrupt child custody courts.

Constitution state Egregiously Unconstitutiona

Connecticut, or otherwise known as the Constitution State, may have a small population but has one of the most energetic activist groups in the U.S. So, why are so many parents up in arms in Connectic

When Parents Try to Tell Someone There is a Pr

You try to talk to your neighbor or your child’s teacher and tell them that you really didn’t do anything wrong but that the judge ignored your civil rights, and you most likely are met wi

Musings of a “non-custodial” mom

Fielding off well-meaning comments from the public is a skill that every outcasted parent needs to learn. We live in a culture where children are at the forefront of everything. When your children are

Challenging Contempt Orders for Child Support

Court held you in contempt and you didn’t have the ability to pay? There might be something you can STILL do to fight back.* We found this in our research and you might want to research it as we

Child Custody Enforcement Bill Amendment for T

Texas, as do many states, has an enforcement issue when it comes to enforcing child custody (possession) time. Police refuse to enforce your custody rights. They say that if it is the other parent the

Will Educating Judges Stop Parental Alienation

I am frequently sent requests to sign parental alienation petitions. The most recent one had four stated goals. The third goal stating: “3: Education of Social Services, CAFCAS, Judges and schoo

Right to Stability?

What is a child's Right to Stability in constitutional law?

Are Judges Routinely Issuing Ineffective Child

Parents going through child custody litigation in the American family courts learn after it is too late that they spent all that money just to get an order they cannot ever hope to be able to enforce.

Equal Parenting Presumption Bill for Texas

“Parents have a constitutional right to be presumed fit until proven unfit. Fit parents are presumed to be acting in the best interest of their child until proven to pose through their own illeg

Has Your Judge or Attorney Ever Told You that

Has your judge ever told you that the constitution doesn’t apply in your custody battle because it is a dispute between two people? I have argued with attorneys on public stages who have tried to push


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