Lisa Ling with CNN aired the documentary last night called “The Dad Dilemma.” She starts the show with a strong position of women and then goes into feminism and the movement against women called MGTOW, then into the family courts using best interest of the child, and the silver bullet she claims women use to eliminate fathers from their children’s life, protective orders.

The show was an emotional glimpse into three father’s lives. If you are looking for detailed information on these and other issues though you won’t find it on this show. An hour isn’t much time to cover those in any kind of detail. Lisa does a good job for what she intended, let people know family courts are using low standards and hurting children with best interest.

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We long awaited for this episode to air. We didn’t know where Lisa would take this episode. When we first talked with her producer we didn’t know much about Lisa’s show, they sent us an example of a show they covered on incarcerated fathers so that we could see her style, and hoping to capture a glimpse of her interest in the issue.

I was pleased to see that she addressed the harm using best interest is causing children and that she showed the pain these parents are feeling. I think she could have listed some helpful numbers for parents tuning in like The Father’s Rights suicide hotline, and not sure where she was going with her comment about wondering how many times the last father’s son would go on that drive with his father back to Mom’s house after his four days a month with Dad.

We have a long way to go with educating the public on these issues and where the public’s thoughts go on these issues. I would love to see Lisa do a show on Mom’s who are put through the same parental alienation, reduced to a visitor with only four days a month, and the cultural biases and stigma that mom’s live when they are made noncustodial. Lisa says that 80% of the time Mom’s get custody but did show that the father with 4 days a month wanted equal. Lisa doesn’t share her position on equal parenting.

Lisa was thoughtful, brought in perspectives without influencing it too far one way or the other. However, we do appreciate that she honed in on best interest and blasted it with stating she couldn’t see how keeping a child out of their other half of their family life could be in the child’s best interest.

It’s not, best interest actually violates the child’s rights and is unconstitutional

We’re glad her producer called us and we are very happy that two of the people we recommended made it on to the show. We look forward to working more with Lisa Ling’s team and with other media in educating the public on the serious harm that family courts are doing to our children.