Do children whose parents divorce deserve less than other children who get two full and equal parents in their lives? Why does Governor Rauner believe its in a child’s best interest to deprive that child of a fit parent? That’s his state’s current policy. Governor Rauner’s policy is that children whose parents are divorced or unmarried have lesser constitutional rights than other children. His state’s policies deprive children of two full equal parents in their lives.

Perhaps Governor Rauner should explain to voters exactly how much federal Title IV-D money he receives to run a corrupt, unconstitutional child support system that destroys families and harms children. Why is the current governor anti-family, anti-child? Why does he promote a system that ydestroys families?

Why does Governer Rauner put federal Title IV-D money above the interest of these children?

Jackson has been suffering family court extortion for a long time. He is a retired, Navy veteran who is being punished for speaking out about the family court corruption and having to live on a disability check. Jackson may not be a millionaire like Governor Rauner, Jackson puts his children before money. Governor Rauner puts money before children. Just ask him how much Title IV-D money goes into his budget every year.

22 veterans commit suicide every day in this country. How many of those suicides are directly related to family law policies like Governor Rauner’s that steal children from fit veterans simply to pad the state’s budget. You may have heard of Designer Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain of a recent series on television called “Parts Unknown” falling victim to suicide recently. They were privileged and had plenty of resources. You don’t usually hear the names of the fit and loving father’s being pushed over the edge from overly burdensome child support, being unfairly separated from their children, having nowhere to turn and no resources left to fight, falling victim to the state’s policy of separating children from their parents when their parents are in divorce or in disagreement. Kash believes families belong together and children deserve the best from both parents. Kash is motivated to improve Illinois’ family policies. Kash is dedicated to eradicating suicide inducing state policies whose only purpose is to maximize federal dollars paid into the state coffers and to line the pockets of attorneys who prey on those families.

Kash has been dragged into court for over 100 hearings. The courts continually attack him for wanting to spend more time with his children. Why are the courts so insistent on depriving his children of their father? Is it because of Title IV-D money? Is the state getting paid to deprive his children of their father? Why does Governor Rauner support this horrible policy?

Kash is running so that he can end the extortion and separation of families. Kash believes in Keeping Families Together and Keeping parents and children together even when the parents find it difficult to live with one another anymore. Just because the parents cannot get along doesn’t mean the child has to lose their right to have full and equal parents in their lives.

Vote for Keeping Families Together, Vote for Kash!

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