Did You Think that Child Support was for the Children?

The state of Illinois receives federal money every time they strip a child from their fit and loving parent. And the more child support they order this fit parent to pay, the more money they get from the federal government. The only way they can justify charging more money is by taking away more child custody time. Judge Salvi is using child support money to line the pockets of the state and Governor Rauner’s budget.

They call it child support when it is really an extortion racket. It is not for the benefit of the children, it is for the benefit of the state. In fact, it actually hurts children and violates their constitutional rights. How can it possibly be in a child’s best interest for the state to violate the child’s constitutional rights to full and equal parenting time with each parent.

Chicago Sun Times states that Kash owes child support money. It won’t matter how much Kash pays to the corrupt government officials running the child support scam in the state of Illinois. He already pays the maximum allowed being garnished out of his check. And the more he pays, the more they order him to pay. It is a scam to put him in jail because they do not like that he resists the extortion and is exposing their scam. Kash’s children are not in need, and are well taken care of. It’s the state that is in need. And as an Illinois resident you know that it is not more money that will solve the problem in Illinois. One example is the toll roads. Take a look at the crap roads you have. These roads receive money for every axle that rolls on them! The money obviously is not being used to provide Illinois residents with roads that would be reflective of the money that is collected. Where is that money going? Kash wants parents to be able to raise their children without being dragged into government extortion scams. It won’t matter how much Kash pays, it will not change the court corruption, it will not change the political corruption that the Illinois residents are suffering. What Kash’s children need is a better family court system that did not steal from them!

What will matter is putting Kash in office so he can end the separation of Illinois children from their parents, and so he can end the use of children as pawns in a government extortion scheme.

Kash Jackson is running for the office of Governor in Illinois to end the abuses that Illinois residents face. Elections are November 6, 2018.

Kash Jackson says that his run was motivated by experiencing the extortion in the family courts. Kash didn’t know that these abuses on our constitution were going on until he was brought into the family courts. Once he discovered this abuse of power, he couldn’t walk away. Kash wants to protect Illinois children from this harm and restore the rights of parents.

See Divorce Corp for an eye-opener documentary.

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