Governor Rauner uses his corrupt, unconstitutional, family court system and fake news child support issue to attack the pro-family candidate Kash Jackson after Kash met the requirements to be on the ballot this November. Governor Rauner seems to think its an awful idea for fathers to want to parent their own children equally with the mothers. Governor Rauner doesn’t seem to believe that children need fathers.

The Chicago Sun Times reports that Kash Jackson met the ballot requirements by more than 25,000 signatures. The Times reports that Kash owes child support money. This is fake news. The paper is acting as the government’s mouth piece giving lip service to the idea of child support while failing to expose the clear corruption that underlies the state’s child support policies. Why is the paper failing to expose that the state’s child support scheme is just a ploy to earn federal money on the suffering of Illinois children? Why is the paper not exposing this travesty, this harm to children? This is what fake news is all about. Established news organizations failing to look below the surface, failing to do their jobs, failing to provide us the truth behind the government corruption.

Kash Jackson is exposing the corruption. Kash Jackson is fighting for Illinois children. Kash Jackson is making the best interest of Illinois children more important than lining the state coffers with federal dollars. While Governor Rauner is using your children’s suffering for his own political gain. Kash Jackson is for Keeping Illinois Families Together.

Stay tuned to see why Governor Rauner is the anti-family Governor!

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