Judge denies mother's request to represent herself.

An Arizona mother is being forced to keep her court-appointed Attorney where CPS has taken her children.

“A mom in Arizona is being FORCED to use her court appointed attorney who has literally done nothing for her case. Won’t return calls, won’t object to anything in court, literally sits there not saying a single word in the hearings. Moms two babies are in state “care” over false allegations and her innocence can be proven… except the attorney won’t do a damn thing.” Says Monica Szymonik, who is running for State Representative in Connecticut.

Monica also says that the “Mom has been studying and researching and wants to represent herself. Judge said NO. Even the court appointed attorney is trying to get off the case. She doesn’t want to represent this mom. The government is forcing two citizens into a contract against their will. Both want out and mom wants her babies back. She should have them back, because she has an letter in hand saying that she has been unsubstantiated for abuse and neglect. She has proof of income, bills paid, utilities paid and stable housing. The reason for the removal of her 3 year old and month old is due to her being on medical leave immediately after having her second child. Apparently taking time off to care for a baby is now grounds for removal? The law says people have the right to self-represent so now mom has to appeal this order. Her children will double or triple in age by the time her appeal is done, and she still has the case itself to defend. So we are looking at 2 years minimum before justice can be served.”

Rachael Alvarado is this mother and she says, “My 2 children are infants. Injustice all the way around the board, and court-appointed attorney still won’t give me the report 6 months into this case. There’s no police report, the only allegation is that I was unemployed because I just had a baby. But I have my own house in Tempe. My bills are paid, and my children were never in need. Not to mention I had a note from my doctor that excused me from work.”