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Our team specializes in constitutional law principles as they apply in family law, working across multiple states to develop a deep understanding of how family law is implemented in different jurisdictions. We bring expertise in addressing challenges to constitutional rights in family law cases and provide comprehensive counter-arguments. With a focus on protecting parental rights and advocating for clients, we stay updated on legal trends and judicial opinions, offering innovative solutions to courts struggling with the complexities of parental demands for justice. Whether it's navigating different procedural rules, legal cultures, or state-specific approaches to family law, our experienced team collaborates with pro se parents needing to communicate parental rights principles to their attorneys, and with attorneys to help provide effective representation from start to finish, increasing the liklihood of more favorable outcomes in state and federal trial cases and appeals.

How to Fight for Your Parental Rights Part 1

Meet Attorney Matt and Judge Colbert. Watch this video to see what you will face when you fight for your rights. This is the first in a series of “How To&

Equal Parenting Bill introduced in Texas for 2017

Representative James White has introduced an Equal Parenting Bill HB 453 that if passed will begin September 1, 2017. hb00453i-white-filed-23-nov-2016-equal-par

How do you Register to Testify for a Bill in Texas 85th

If you want to testify on a particular Bill in Texas, you can start your registration process early. (For more help on putting your testimony together, click he

Is Parental Alienation Junk Science or Real?

Parental alienation has long been a debate in the family courts There is a great divide on whether parental alienation syndrome is real or junk science, and whe

Legislators from Several States Speaking at History Mak

Parents Fed Up with the Family Courts Stripping Their Children from Them in Divorce are Joining Forces and Meeting in Washington D.C. with prominent speakers fr

What the motions are about

In this one hour and fifty minute video Ron and Sherry discuss the motions, where they came from, and their intended purpose. These are sample motions. They are

Parents Injured in Divorces Ousting Politicians and Run

Parents Tired of Dying Bills and Dying Children Ousting Politicians Parents are tired of equal parenting bills dying and their children suffering. It seems like

Revealing Chicago Gun Violence in America #1 Symptom is

Table of Contents Charlie Kirk says Chicago Violence is Caused by Fatherlessness in America Elementary School Mass Shooting Gun Violence Facts What is a Mass Sh

When you are a member but get the Member Required page

When you click on something and get the Member Required page. Try this first: Go back up to the menu at the top of the page. On the far right, “For Member


The Texas abortion law SB 8 is already becoming a game changer for divorce and child custody law. How can that be?

Four Texas Supreme Court Justices would deny constituti

Four Texas Supreme Court Justices believe that a divorce court judge can overrule two fit parents in determining what is in that child’s best interest when thos

Why Your Attorney Cannot Provide What We Provide

Your attorney, even the good ones, are deeply trapped by this corrupted system. We are not.

How do I get to my class videos?

From the Home page of the website, go to “For Members.” From the dropdown menu, click on “Member’s Home.” From the Member’s

Parenting Coordinators — Helpful or Damaging to Y

Bottom line, a GAL can cost you more, cost can get out of control, and you won't be able to get rid of the GAL easily if at all.

Child Custody Possession Schedule Emergency Orders Unde

These orders apply to all parents in the state of Texas. The Texas Supreme Court has issued emergency orders to help parents navigate these new conditions under

Tender Years Proves the Constitution Applies in Family


Free Josh Jaros

This father has sat in jail in Texas for almost two months because he did not sell his truck. Josh is an advocate who fought for your parental rights to be prot

Appellate Attorney Admits Trial Attorneys are Failing t

After losing case after case, he simply gave up. Like the dogs in the study, he had learned there was little he could do to change the outcome of the case. So w

Do You Know Where Your Rights Come From and Do You Know

Do you know where your rights come from? Most parents do not. Once they learn, they are told that these sources do not apply to the context of family law. At fi

Connecticut Brief with Constitutional Parental Rights A

Connecticut appellate courts decided that constitutional parental rights could be ignored. The parent decided that she would request an en banc review. We are s

What are the Top 10 Objections that Attorneys Give for

Attorney says arguing rights may annoy the judge, what do you do?


Get our Beginner's Guide to Family Law Book

This book gives you simple tools to start defending yourself today. Bad Attorneys hate this book because they don't do it this way because if they did, they would lose money.

Beginner's Guide to Family Law

A Simplified Path to Parental Rights

For a loving parent, a child custody suit can be a time of terror. The most important thing in your life is at stake and it doesn't take long to figure out that the system is rigged against you. This book provides simple straight forward and easy to understand ways to help ensure that your rights get protected. This is the starter guide for you to protect your rights.