Complex System Analysis & Design

The law is a highly complex system that can only truly be understood using skills and methodologies designed to be applied in complex systemd. Attorneys understand how their tiny piece of the system operates in thier tiny county, but few can grasp the law as a whole, few can identify more than the most obvious flaws, and almost none have the complex systems training and experience to alter the system in fundamental ways.

The training and experience your attorney receives regarding how to operate within the legal system is very different from the training and experience Ron has in designing and improving complex systems. Attorneys learn how to work within the complex system. They know how to follow and repeat what others have done, even where it is complicated and technically difficult to follow. What they do not learn, except for the very few best and most expensive attorneys, is how to diagnose problems in the system, to identify where improvements need to be made in the system, and how to implement those changes in the complex system of law.

This is why, when you ask your attorney about your rights, he or she will tell you that you don’t really have any rights because it’s all about what is best for the child. They tell you this because this is their experience, and this is what they are told to follow. Very few can diagnose why it is simply illegal for any judge in a civil suit between fit parents to act in the best interest of the child, even though, when you explain it in their terms, they can see why it is illegal. Those few attorneys who can do this on their own have a financial incentive not to rock the boat by demanding that the system change. If they change the system, they lose their cash cow and they know it. And those few who do become convinced that the system has to change risk having judges and other attorneys turn on them, not to mention the bar association going after them. Don’t expect most attorneys to do it without pressure.

Ron has experience with the biggest and best companies in the world

Ron’s training and professional experience, of the highest caliber applied in the largest companies in the world while working for the most prestigious consulting companies in the world, (Microsoft, Accenture, Deloitte), is very different. He learned how to work with massively complex systems of all types, to learn their rules, to understand why they were designed a certain way, to identify flaws in the system, and, most importantly, he learned how to lead long term organizational change efforts to actually resolve those flaws. Ron had to introduce irreversible structural changes from which people found themselves compelled to change the way they work on a daily basis; the changes people hate the most.

Organizational Change is both a science and discipline

The key is to choose critical changes, the longer-term impact of which people don’t easily see, that people are willing to make to the structure with only a little external pressure. Those changes, being structural, aren’t easily reversed and as their impact on working processes begin to be recognized, there is little option but to adjust daily working processes and tasks. Critical legal opinions from appellate courts often work in this way. The structural change seems minor but over time large swarths of law are fundamentally changed forever.

The systems Ron consults on are not all that different from government and the law generally. They all have policies, they all have defined processes, they all have rules for performing those processes, they all have consequences for violating the rules, they are all subject to human error, and they all are highly resistant to change because of human nature. The skills Ron employed making the best companies in the world even better, are skills that are directly applicable to changing family law for the better.

As you may have realized by now, it simply isn’t enough to point out the flaws in a system which many people recognize naturally and point out widely in social media. Once the flaws are identified, an effective strategy must be developed to get resistant organizations to change their well-entrenched behaviors. This requires large scale complex organizational change strategies and execution.

One of the most important tools in this strategy is to have an organized effort to drive change. Part of this organized effort is creating the right kind of political pressure with effective messages. One of the first things Ron and Sherry did when getting exposed to those organizations was to provide more effective messaging and using this messaging, those groups gained more traction than they ever had before, but they stalled.

They stalled because of several difficulties that are well understood in the science of organizational change. Some thought that the better messaging would be enough and ignored everything else Ron and Sherry shared with them. Some could not resist the enticement of power, the power of feeling like an insider to the system, that makes them feel good about themselves while stopping any meaningful forward momentum. Some were simply overwhelmed by the unrelenting evil of the system and had to drop out for their own mental health. The most important failure though, has been the failure to recognize the necessity of pairing legal challenges to entrenched laws with the political activism.

Political Activism

The political activism, if done reasonably well, can give you access to the levers of governmental power. But political activism alone rarely ever provides the leverage necessary to move those levers. Not only is it essential that those levers get moved but also that they get moved in the right ways. It is very easy for the masters of power to move levers in ways that cause activists to feel as if they have won, only to find out over time that nothing of substance really changed. The best interest of the child escape clause is the key mechanism those in power use to keep control even when the rules change.

What every other effective movement has harnessed, which family law is yet to effectively harness, is providing a resource of attorneys who know exactly which changes in the law need to be made or enforced in family law, and who have the organizational support to find and pursue those key cases that will forever alter the fundamental law. Ron and Sherry are those experts who provide the guiding research, knowledge, and most importantly, the epiphanies necessary for those attorneys to be successful.

The System Protects Itself

It is the very concept of the best interest of the child that must be attacked and destroyed. By its very nature, the best interest of the child is difficult to attack because who could possibly be against the best interests of a child. Attacking and destroying the corrupting power of this phrase requires an organized and well thought out approach which is exactly what Ron and Sherry provide which nobody else has been able to duplicate.

The judges and the attorneys have dozens of tricks with which to trap you when you try to assert your rights. Ron and Sherry have the advantage over attorneys of working in all 50 states, which attorneys cannot do. This advantage exposes us to almost all of the sneaky tricks attorneys and judges can use, and we have developed powerful tools that allow those few good attorneys to defeat these tricks.

Education is a critical aspect of any organizational change effort

We aren’t attorneys who practice in the courts every day, so we are not going to teach your attorney much about formatting motions and pleadings or of navigating the secret procedural rules of their local courts.

What we are going to do is to teach you and your attorney where family law goes wrong and how that knowledge can be used to help you get your rights back. We are going to teach your attorney and assist your attorney in defeating every sneaky trick the other side and the corrupt judges throw at them. Yes, they could learn these tricks on their own, applying significant contemplation over time regarding how they lost your case months or years ago. Their knowledge gained on their own, if gained at all, will come much too late to help you. Your attorney needs this knowledge right now, today, so that they have the best chance possible to win your case for you and for your child.

Focused Strategy is the Difference

Our guidance is organized and structured in a way that places the judge in the legal logic trap, not your attorney. We apply advanced strategies that, even when the other side wins one critical battle, the strategies cause that win to work against them in the larger battle. We do this by encasing legal logic inside shells of larger legal logic. We expose the lower shell as bait which the hyenas cannot refuse. They take this bait and run with it but are caught by the larger fence they never saw. Just like a hunter pursuing his or her prey, you have to know your quarry.

Most attorneys simply cannot resist the easy win. They become addicted to winning. They will brag about winning battles even though they lost the larger war. This behavior is so ingrained and instinctual, that you can even tell most of them up front what you are doing, and they will still fall for the trick.

Have you ever taken an exam where the teacher went over the exam word for word and even provided correct answers in the previous class and you still got answers wrong? Why did this happen to you? It happens because our instinctual behaviors are so strong, they drive us to choose wrong answers even when we know they are wrong. Our subconscious brains will play tricks on us and convince us to choose the wrong answer, even though our conscious brain knows better. The only treatment for this fundamental human frailty is to practice discipline towards long term goals. People who work effectively in extremely large global companies typically have or develop this skill over time. Attorneys who run their own practices or work in offices with fifty or fewer people rarely learn this discipline.

This is precisely why we could tell the other side exactly what we are doing, or the other side could read the same materials we provide you and know what we are doing, and they will still fall for the trap. They simply haven’t developed the discipline to delay that gratification of a win. Like a drug addict, the fix of that win today is all that they can process.

Choose your Attorney Wisely

In choosing an attorney for yourself, evaluate closely and ask questions to expose his or her emotional attachment to the win over their dedication to the law. Find newer, more flexible attorneys who do not have a long history of doing things the old corrupt way and try to make sure they are idealist about the law more than they are addicts to the win.

We have developed strategies within strategies to be deployed in your favor and we provide your attorney with a significant bag of tactics specifically designed and tested to help these strategies win. We have helped a lot of people with these tactics and strategies. We have also faced many corrupt judges and corrupt systems which were determined to do injustice no matter how clearly wrong and frankly illegal their actions were. We learned from every single encounter. We develop and improve our tactics based on every single encounter. We constantly refine our strategic advice based on these experiences. As with any large-scale complex war, the side who learns from every failure and from every win and who applies that knowledge to adapting their tactics and strategies is the side who ultimately wins.

In both world wars, the United States was severely outclassed at the beginning. We entered those wars losing most battles or having those battles drag on mercilessly for month after agonizing month. What we did better than the other side is that we learned and adapted faster. We focused on our strengths which were massive manufacturing capacity far from the reach of enemy bombs combined with a spirit of overcoming all obstacles by applying relentless learning, relentless adaptation, and concentrated action. Ron’s early military experience in the Marine Corps and in the Army not only taught him about enormous complex systems but also about how to win wars.

Make no mistake, you are in a war not only with your ex or soon to be ex but also with a system designed to attack you at your weakest and to take from you what you care about most in life. That system is soulless and without mercy. Even good people will happily perform evil actions as they work within this evil and corrupt system because they can always fool themselves into believing that they are acting in the best interest of the child, even when they are destroying that child’s life.

Who Decides?

This battle is absolutely about who makes decisions about what is best for your child and under what conditions the government can make those choices over your objections. When the law is properly applied, the conditions under which the government can overrule your choices are extremely limited. However, the extreme hatred and bias that was historically directed towards divorced parents and parents who were not married to each other are alive and thriving in family law because those hatreds and biases, just as in any other class of discrimination, (race, sex, sexual orientation), that hatred and bias is the source of their illegal power. Without the hatred and accepted bias, their illegal power would dissolve into thin air. You must not expect that your judge or his or her appellate bosses will give up their hatred and bias towards you and relinquish one bit of the illegal power they exercise unless you force them into it.

The law simply does not permit your judge to make value choices regarding which parent-child association or relationship is better for the child and therefore in the child’s best interest. The very process of discriminating in this way based on governmental viewpoints regarding value choices is grossly illegal and they know it deep down in their subconscious even if that subconscious will do everything it can to keep them from recognizing this fact and acting properly on it. You must have powerful tools at your disposal in order to break through these deep-seated human biases and hatreds against parents who make lawful constitutionally protected choices which the government disfavors.

This bias and hatred will drive the entire system to take from you the right to make lawful constitutionally protected choices for your child if you do not stop it. Your attorney, even the good ones, are deeply trapped by this corrupted system. We are not. If you don’t want to be trapped by it then you need to think strategically and to have a basket of powerful tactics at your disposal. We provide that where nobody else does because of our unique professional background and because we are emotionally committed to ensuring that our children and grandchildren are not subjected to the evils of family law that we were subjected to.

Solutions for divorce and child custody problems

Quite simply, we have the ability to fix this system, so we feel a personal duty to exercise that ability. However, our children are aged out. We won our personal battles at great cost. We cannot fight for ourselves anymore. We can fight for you and for your child, but only if you do your part.