Parents Fed Up with the Family Courts Stripping Their Children from Them in Divorce are Joining Forces and Meeting in Washington D.C. with prominent speakers from over 20 states in the U.S.

Parents after going through a protracted divorce child custody battle are coming together in Washington D.C. on May 20, 2018 to join their efforts for getting equal shared parenting passed in all 50 states of the United States at an event coordinated by Mark Ludwig, Founder of Americans for Equal Shared Parenting.

Parents like Chuck Goetschel of Irvine, California spent ten years in child custody litigation before finally getting 50 50 parenting time with his boys. He recognizes that many parents never get this, and he talks about the moments he never got with his kids while he was separated from his boys. Chuck gives you a preview of what will be at the event and shares a personal emotional message about what having equal custody means to him.

Going through the family court process in divorce for most targeted parents is worse than living through your worst nightmare or the scariest Hollywood thriller. Ron and Sherry Palmer after suffering through the psychological warfare the attorneys, mediators, and judges inflict, developed education to help people running organizations like Mark Ludwig, and fathers and mothers involved with parental rights organizations like The Father’s Rights Movement, National Parents Organization, and parental alienation organizations and documentary film makers and films like Divorce Corp, Erasing Family and Casualties of W.A.R. that have formed to battle the adversarial process the family courts impose on loving and fit parents. Ron and Sherry Palmer teach that parental rights protect children and they teach leaders and parents how to be more effective and to provide a better understanding of proper solutions for ending the winner-take-all, winner-loser family courts. It’s a broken system that leaves behind lots of broken lives and broken parent-child bonds.

Fathers and Mothers are having their children stripped from them and forced through multi-year high-conflict child custody battles over their legal rights to their children in separation. The parents find themselves driven into bankruptcy, their physical and mental health suffers, the children develop anxiety conditions and other stress related conditions that continue into adulthood, and many of the parents also lose their freedom, some multiple times for enforcement of unjust, unfair, unconstitutional orders that have imposed child support and amicus or guardian ad litem (GAL) costs onto an already financially devastated parent. This has happened to parents of all financial and educational backgrounds, doctors like pediatricians like Dr. Carlos Rivera, teachers, millionaires like Brad Pitt from Inglourious Basterds, and celebrities like Tamra Judd from the Real Housewives of Orange County reality show. Brad Pitt, two years later is still working out divorce settlement after the child abuse allegations were cleared by the FBI according to US Weekly. This family court process even ends careers, it ended Dr. Carlos Rivera’s career. He was a loved pediatrician. The community lost a valuable and caring pediatrician because of the corrupt family court practices. He was charged more in child support than he made, jailed for not being able to pay, and then unable to stay in medical practice because his liability insurance rates went through the roof because he was jailed. In divorce, when constitutional parental rights are not applied, the targeted parent is required to pay for things that married parents are not. If they find themselves impoverished and unable to pay for what was ordered, they do not have any welfare or other state government agencies that they can fall back on like mother’s can when they cannot afford to pay to feed their children. We say mother’s because most of the time mother’s are the ones who get primary custody. Even in joint custody awards, the court’s pick a primary residential custodian, and that person also receives child support. The parent paying the child support, usually the father, but not always now, when they cannot afford it, they go to jail. There is no welfare program to help them during hard times. These injustices have continued because the parents did not have access to information to help them fight back. Attorneys do not give the parents the information that parental rights advocates give them now.

Everyone has a vision of how they would like to parent their child, parent hood is unique and special to each individual, some people spend years planning parenthood before they ever have a baby. It is by far the most important event in many parents lives and divorce becomes the most destructive event when it obstructs the parent-child bond, when the family courts fail to protect each parent’s legal rights and time to their child during separation, and force them into family court expensive battles. Even if you were never married to the other parent, a child custody suit is the same whether in a divorce or not. Family courts escalate the conflict, take advantage of the targeted parent, and give the keys of control to narcissistic and manipulative ex-spouses. The family courts allow manipulative parents to use your children as a weapon.

Mark put AFESP together because he realized that many organizations are fighting for the same cause, to have their equal parenting rights protected and respected without the necessity of costly litigation battles. No state had equal parenting in their family code until last month when Kentucky’s legislators passed a rebuttable equal parenting presumption into their law. Mark has been serving other advocates by traveling to their state and being a voice of support throughout the United States for getting equal parenting legislation passed. He has traveled to several states to assist parents turned legislative activist to help them understand the process and use his successful background and experience in the legislative field and connections to help propel them to success.

Mark’s urgency in all of this is because he experienced parental alienation when he was separated from his child for 204 days and had a scare with a deadly disease, an inoperable cyst in his brain, and did not know whether he would be around much longer. Mark says that, “[a]t one point during my ordeal I didn’t know if I’d ever be a part of his life.  He was moved without my knowledge and I went 204 days without seeing him. Then after fighting for joint custody, I was diagnosed with an inoperable cyst in my brain.  Just in case I didn’t make it, I began writing in his journal life lessons I would have wanted him to know.” Many children grow up without getting to know their other parent even when they are living after divorce. This has caused tragic fatherlessness where we are hearing more and more shootings by children who were fatherless and never had the support of both parents growing up.

After Mark’s scare and witnessing the tragedies and mass shootings taking place in America, it became even more urgent to Mark that he needed to do something to Fix Family Courts so that he could leave a legacy of justice for his son. Mark did not want his son to go through what millions of fathers are going through today, loss of their children when their relationship no longer worked out and the pain of not being able to be there when they said “look at me daddy” as they shared their accomplishments with their loving parent. Mark already knew the legislative path from his past work experience and had many powerful connections he had developed throughout his career and decided that this was where his calling was. He feels that if he gets equal parenting in the laws he will have at least helped level the playing field for parents and helped prevent children from losing one of their loving parents. Mark has pulled together an impressive group of speakers for this event. Capitols for Kids is on May 20, 2018.

Thomas Fidler, founder of The Father’s Right’s Movement has over a half million followers on Facebook. Thomas has twins who he eventually was able to get 50 50 custody time with. One day he went online and started a page and called it The Father’s Rights Movement. Several years later pages grew throughout the United States. A couple years ago, what started as nothing more than a father reaching out to other fathers and providing support in their fights for equal justice, has blossomed into a full blown nonprofit organization with over a half a million followers.

Dr. Torri Evans founder of The Fatherless Generation Foundation. Fatherlessness reached epidemic levels. Our federal government has campaigned to increase awareness of the importance of fatherhood and a father’s involvement in their child’s life several years ago. These efforts continue. The family court process is an area that contributes to and increases single mother homes and fatherlessness.

Dr. Jim Bedell is a clinical psychologist who will be there to discuss the psychological effects and statistics.

Rep Tom Pischke and Rep Jeremy Roberts Speaking at AFESP Capitols 4 Kids Equal Parenting Legislation Conference.

Rep. La Shawn Ford is the sponsor of the Illinois shared parenting bill. He will be there to tell you his experiences with sponsoring an equal parenting bill.

Rep. Tom Pischke who has sponsored several parenting bills in South Dakota and will be there to share his experiences and give you some tips for working with your representative.

These representatives can help you understand how they became interested in sponsoring equal shared parenting bills, 50 50 parenting bills, and the process for getting your legislator to sponsor a bill like this in your state.

Illinois Governor candidates and Parental Rights Advocates Speaking at Historical AFESP Capitols 4 Kids Conference

Kash Jackson, a retired Navyman is the Libertarian candidate for Governor in Illinois. He is a freedom fighter through and through. He has done several walks for freedom to bring awareness to the damage the family courts are inflicting on American children and their families. Brian Lee’s Restoring Freedom Radio Show came after Kash’s Restoring Freedom walk across the U.S. Groups like Patrick Glynn’s Walk for Lost Kids, and Kristi Beck’s Mommy Interrupted radio show have been long time supporters of Illinois Governor candidate Kash Jackson and work behind the scenes, as do many, many others to help Kash get elected and to get this message out far and wide. Kash will be speaking and sharing his experiences and the challenges ahead, and why it is so important to elect parents who can bring justice back to the American people and their children. You can get tickets to attend here.

There will be over 20 other speakers discussing the toxic effects of the family court process and to share how they fight to restore justice in our judiciary and legislative branches according to the American principles and freedoms this country stands for.

Nicholas Dreeszen of Families United Action Network (FUAN) will be one of the speakers who has been key in fighting for and getting bills sponsored for equal parenting legislation. He and several others in Iowa have caused quite a stir as they have stood up to CPS abuses in their state and helped get a legislative committee to investigate the deadly CPS practices, which appeared to lead to the resignation of DHS Director Charles Palmer.

There will be many documentary film makers at this event, as well as an impressive line up of speakers. There are over 20 speakers that will be there. The event is on Sunday, May 20th, 2018 from noon to 7 p.m. This conference has been coordinated and funded by Americans for Equal Shared Parenting, Mark Ludwig. He is the founder of AFESP.

Ginger Gentile is making a documentary that covers children and family members that are alienated from each other after going through this process. After she had been alienated from her father as a child, she has been on a crusade to end parental alienation. Ginger also has an online Facebook show where she shares the wisdom that she has collected over the course of the years of making this film, Erasing Family. She talks about disengaging from the battle with toxic and narcissistic parents, and provides tips on how to re-unite and re-connect with your alienated child. Ginger says that the divorce process causes prolonged toxic childhood stress and increases their chances for heart disease, cancer, etc. ACEs can be reversed by providing therapy and by removing the stressor. Ginger says that this is reunification with the parent that has been alienated. Ginger has also produced the documentary, Erasing Dad when she lived in Argentina.

Brad Pitt sitting in sand

#Erased parents are told to wait till their kid is an adult to reach out or just to wait–the kid will come back. Ginger teaches you how to respond to this comment by sharing that this trauma is significant and preventable. It is a tragedy that kids are denied a loving relationship with a parent. Join Ginger for weekly Facebook live videos Tuesday 8pm EST 7pm CST 5pm PST and visit her at her website and end the epidemic of Erasing Family.

Ron and Sherry Palmer produce education that assist parents, their attorneys, and organization leaders, activists, coaches, and others have found valuable in helping them be more effective at reaching their goals. We welcome you to joint us at our membership site where we have made all of our books available online. You do not have to buy the books separately anymore and they are available to you anywhere at any time. You can pull them up on your phone when you are in your attorney’s office and when you are in court and find case law references and any other information you need at your fingertips as long as you have an internet connection. Get a membership now so that we can help you take control of your life back, get out of the family court abusive cycle, and get your child back in your life and re-build after divorce, and live your dreams again.