Do you know where your rights come from?

Most parents do not. Once they learn, they are told that these sources do not apply to the context of family law.

At first you might accept that and trust your attorney to take care of you and your needs in the court.

This may work for some because they seemingly get their way and what they ask for, so the court just sees you as a sore loser when you don’t like the result. You didn’t know there was any other way.

You leave thinking that you just didn’t provide enough evidence, the right evidence, didn’t call enough witnesses, or have enough experts. This is a good way for your attorney to keep the focus off of them and the job that they did not do for you.

You start looking at how to modify. And this is usually when you stumble across your rights again. You start wondering why they weren’t applied in your case. So you start to learn your rights and get shut down in your modification too.

Do you know how to adapt those rights?

It’s true that it’s an art to adapt your rights to family law. Attorneys will tell you that your rights are whatever the judge tells you they are. That’s only true if you have submitted to the court to make those decisions for you.

But what happens if you ask the court instead to protect your rights rather than choose which parent the court prefers to exercise these rights.

You don’t have to be an artist or even creative at all to learn to adapt the rights protections from cases that had nothing to do with family law at all. And it is true that you can adapt caselaw that wasn’t even a two-parent party dispute. You will see the courts do this all the time actually. They use Holly factors in Texas in termination suits that involve a prosecutor and just a single parent.

The courts apply rights that came from insurance cases, abortion cases, same sex marriage cases to family law. In fact, legislators this last session had to adapt the rights from Obergefell to their family law codes. And none of those cases were child custody suits.

We have taken the mystery out of adapting your rights to family law child custody suits for you.

All you have to do is be willing to come to some online workshops, watch some videos, and do the assignments.

Before you know it, you are in control of your life again.

If you ever want to be in charge of yourself, your finances, and the choices you make regarding your child again you will not wait one more day.

Every day that goes by sets a pattern and precedent in your case. Your child’s unruly behavior will just get worse and you won’t have any authority to do anything about it.

❌Parents are told by attorneys that they can change their choices by filing later for a modification.

⁉This is not true.

??‍♀️The court will actually use the same precedent and patterns set in your case and place additional burdens on you. Regardless of how disrespectful your child’s attitude gets toward you.

Making changes is frowned upon and not easy to do. Even if your child is suffering.

?What you don’t know can hurt you and your child.

What you agree to in the beginning can lead to suffering under a lifetime of court errors. Driving you into bankruptcy, depression, PTSD, and even suicide.

The decisions you make can cause you to be under constant threats of jail. Creating disabling triggers that make you nonfunctional and nonproductive.

The choices you make now will affect the ones you will have available to you to make later. You won’t be able to change careers, pursue your dreams, or influence your child in the ways that you had planned.

✔Learn how to avoid these mistakes, or to correct the ones you’ve already made at . . .


This is where you start.

?Once you get in there, you will see two study guides to help you get started on your path to finding your way out of the family court injustice.

Work at your own pace and whenever you can. 24/7 you have access to the course materials, videos, study guides, workshops, webinars, books, motions, and more.

?The cost is small compared to what you will spend if you don’t have this information. The cost is small compared to what the wrong decisions could cost you long-term over the course of the rest of your life.

Parents who have use our materials, learned these arguments, have been successful on many fronts. They have gotten out of supervised visitation, they have gotten temporary orders overturned so that they could exercise the rights they had in a previous final order, they have gotten gag orders removed, and orders overturned that put children in charge of how much time they spend with you.

Learning what empowers you gives you better posturing and leverages your ability to challenge abuses of power and authority.

However, we are only inviting parents who are willing to put the time and effort into learning and adapting and evolving these arguments. We will spend time with the parents who are doing their best to advance these arguments.

Remember that we don’t have rights from people who whine or complain and give up. We have rights from people who trained and took the beatings and stood their ground despite being threatened with or even thrown in jail.

Rosa Parks, Alice Paul, and other people in movements did not establish your protection and enforcement of your rights by running away and saying that their efforts didn’t work. Rosa, Alice, the abolishment of slavery, and of Jim Crow laws were fights to establish rights.

The lunch counter sit-ins and the protests to remove burdens that required sponsors to vote were fights to exercise rights. This is the fight that you are in. Your rights are established and the protections for these rights are established. We have uncovered this and help you adapt these arguments so that you can be free to exercise your inalienable rights without improperly triggered government interference.

You are invited to join only if you make a commitment to also work towards improving and advancing these efforts regardless of the sanctions, threats, beatings, deprivations, and other tyrannical and abusive practices you must endure.

The following video elaborates on this idea.