declaratory judgment slide roe v wade and same sex marriage 2015Last Friday the gay rights movement was added to the growing list of judicial successes for ridding our society of abuse of power in the states. Prior to the success of the gay rights movement, Norma McCorvey, or more well known as Jane Roe in the famous landmark case called Roe v. Wade, succeeded in getting laws that criminalized abortions in the first and second trimester overturned by getting them ruled as unconstitutional through filing a declaratory judgment.

What is a declaratory judgement? It is a petition that is filed with the state or federal court to ask them to determine the nature of some particular rights. In the case of family law, parents are being denied the fundamental rights to the care, custody, and control without the unnecessary interference of government that the United States supreme court has declared in multiple rulings as being rooted in the protections of the 14th amendment and part of their liberty rights.

Recently, Ron B Palmer and Sherry Palmer have announced that they are getting ready to file a declaratory judgment action in their federal court. They say that they are doing this because they remain subject to the threat of the family courts at any time taking over their rights to their children and overriding their own best interest determination for their children when the other parent decides to ask the court to do so.

Sherry says that parents should not have to fight this hard. She also states that legislators do not have incentive to correct their laws and have demonstrated this past April at the hearings for an equal parenting bill HB2363 that they will continue to protect their unconstitutional laws and force parents into expensive and burdensome socialist policies until the federal government stops them from doing so.

Father’s rights groups as far back as the early 1970s have attempted to get the legislators and the judges to correct their policies and requirements. While they have made updates and added improvements into some of their laws, they keep the most destructive part of the law in place, mandating that a judge is to determine the best interest of the child with no proper due process protections in place for the fit parents of these children.

Texas is not alone in misunderstanding and misapplying their right to set up family laws and provisions. They can only do so within the context of the constitution. Most if not all states have ignored the constitutional protections altogether, many states going so far as to deny that parents have any rights at all outside of what the judge decides they have.

Ron says that judges cannot determine the best interest of a child at all and that this entire concept is bankrupt. Those who wish to see more of Ron’s arguments will get to very soon. He plans to send a copy of the pleadings to those who donate and later will be publishing these pleadings to the general public. Ron says that once the family laws are declared as void the states will be forced to learn how to protect parents and children appropriately and then parents will no longer have to worry about having to fight for their rights, they will be respected and protected and only subject to restriction after proper application of due process.

Sherry and Ron Palmer are educating parents on filing declaratory judgments in their state courts as well. Here is the most recent video they released exposing some of the misconceptions and lies that are being spread throughout society by some of the most well educated legally trained professionals who are looked to as the advisers to the lawmakers and judges in family law in the state of Texas:

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