Do family law attorneys truly believe that fundamental rights can be terminated just because you file a child custody suit?

I mean really. Come on already family law attorneys, have you just stopped trying completely? Last night we spoke with a client about questions he should ask his attorney. One of those questions was when exactly did I lose my parental rights?

The attorney’s response was that you waived your rights the moment you asked a court to protect your rights. Do you attorneys really expect us to believe that as Americans in a free country that the only way we can protect our parental rights in a state court is to waive those rights and let a state court judge do whatever they want with our children?

Have you never heard of the federal right to vindicate your federal rights in a state court? Do they no longer teach these things in law school or did the instructors simply say, “all you family law attorneys can just take a nap while we teach the actual law to actual attorneys”?

All parents should ask their family law attorneys if you have the same federally protected parental rights you had when you were married and if you don’t then at what specific point in time were they lost?

Was it the divorce that took away your “individual” parental rights?

Was it the mere filing of a child custody petition that terminated your rights?

Louisiana at least, has the arrogance to document directly in their statutes that parental rights are terminated upon the completion of the divorce, never mind that that the Surpeme Court holds that state's can NOT presumtively terminate parental rights or deprive children of fit parents because of thier parents' marital statuts with one another. Sadly, people in my home state of Louisiana have simply embraced political corruption as such an inescapable aspect of life that it is pointless to even try to fight. That is exactly why I fled the state just as quickly as I could.

I wasn’t born a Texan, but I got there as quickly as I could. At least in Texas, they have to work harder to hide their corruption. Fathers and mothers establish their parental rights individually and differently under the law because they are individual rights NOT marital rights and newsflash, men and women are biologically different when it comes to birthing babies.

Marriage hasn’t conveyed parental rights since the 1970’s when the Supreme Court held the bastardy laws to be unconstitutional and that parental rights can NOT be terminated simply because parents divorce because that is just another way of describing a bastardy law.

Apparently, nobody has ever bothered to inform family law attorneys about the actual supreme law of the land for they are clueless enough to continue to believe that their state legislature can simply overrule federal law anytime it pleases. Law school has become a profound joke that produces mediocrity at massive scales. Children are paying the price for this mediocrity.

The law degree simply hides the fact that those how hold them have become clueless and have NO concept of how the law actually works, or how it worked before all the attorneys became so clueless.