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Ron and Sherry's First Radio Interview on book: NOT In the Child's Best Interests

Please join us this evening as Sherry L Palmer and Ron B. Palmer discuss their newly published book, Not In The Child's Best Interest

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This is a ground-breaking manual on how to protect not only your rights as a parent, but also, how to protect the rights of your child during and after a divorce. This is a must-have for those parents seeking to retain all rights to their children and preventing the courts from interfering in that relationship, unnecessarily and many times, unconstitutionally.

Attorneys still lead parents to believe that they don’t have rights to their children until either the divorce court grants to them or the other parent agrees to give them to them. The Palmer’s have written a book that expands the knowledge base for attorneys so that only divorce cases with a “genuine” violation of law can reduce a parent’s rights.

Sherry Palmer

Author Sherry Palmer

Sherry has experienced the terror of divorce custody battles first hand and has found a way out for us all through the U.S. Constitution. Her book on this topic is titled "Not in the Child's Best Interest", and is available here. If you find her articles insightful you will love her book.

Sherry is currently staying in the home of a previously alienated child and is helping to care for our grandchild during a very difficult period. Sherry is proof that relationships with alienated children can be recovered but it remains a crime for judges to create this alienation in the first place. Parental alienation on the scale we see tody can only happen because the judges cause it to happen. The judges cause it to happen because it is in their financial best interests to injure children in this way.

Ron B Palmer

Author Ron B Palmer

Ron is a constitutional scholar and a political activist. He focuses on parental rights in divorce. Having studied more than 100 Supreme Court opinions related to parental rights and the constitutional concepts that support those rights, Ron came to an amazing insight. The Supreme Court strongly supports that parental rights are among our oldest fundamental liberties. It is just that Divorce Courts have been allowed to ignore the Constitution. Ron intends to put a stop to this injustice perpetrated at the expense of divorced parents and children of divorce.

I am amazed at how often I think of something new in family law only to go back and review our book to find out that we introduced that topic in the book. Of course we have greatly expanded on these ideas and have been fighting helpgin other parents fight the corrupt family law judges ever since and we have had great success helping individual parents. We believe that we are getting very close to breaking the back of the entire corrupt system and will continue fighting until we do so.

Please take some time to listen to Ron and Sherry Palmer introduce their book NOT In the Child's Best Interst

Listen to the Interview of authors' of NOT In the Child's Best Interest by Marti Oakley of TS Radio

Listen to internet radiowith Marti Oakleyon BlogTalkRadio If you missed this interview where we discuss Chapter 2 from the new breakthrough parental rights book, “The Wrong-Headed Thinking of Divorce Courts” you can listen to it here. Post any comments, suggestions, questions you have.