Ever get tired of being told, “I’m not the person responsible, go to so and so and tell them about your problem in the family law system?” I bet you are.

So what happens when you find the person who is responsible and that person stands in your way of justice being restored in the family courts?

If you are fortunate, you found a movement that was able to help your voice be heard. The Father’s Rights Movement not only provides support to parents being treated unfairly in the family court system but also exposes everyone who is standing in the way of parents receiving equal protection of their rights and time to their children.

But what happens when the people standing in your way fear that you are being effective and making progress?

Shortly after filing the lawsuit against Thomas Fidler and The Father’s Rights Movement of Texas, Diana Friedman through the Family Law Foundation didn’t waste any time in sending out an e-mail (See e-mail here: 052815 Legislative Action Update) to their members and gloating about defeating the equal parenting bill that the father’s rights movement had worked hard to gain support on.

Diana claims that she feels that she is being misrepresented and defamed. You decide for yourself with her e-mail that we posted here and the video link posted below. Leave a comment below and let us and the world know what you think about all of this.

According to Diana Friedman, President of the Family Law Foundation, equal parenting bill was a “bad bill?” [1]

Would you continue to pay membership to an organization who openly states that equal parenting is a “bad bill?”[2] If you are paying an attorney who is supporting the Family Law Foundation you are doing just that!

Diana was the chair of The Family Law Council (part of the Family Law Section of the state bar of Texas). And Family Law Cares is a division of the Family Law Section of the Texas Bar Association.

Many people listen to her. She has lots of ties and lots of connections. So when Diana says something is bad, that has a tremendous effect on how your legislator votes on a bill. If Diana doesn’t approve it, you probably aren’t going to get it passed. When one person has this much power to block you from being protected by the constitution, the public has a right to know.

Equal parenting is a god-given, natural, inalienable right protected by the constitution.[4] Would Diana have considered the Constitution a bad idea?

Dangerous Policies

Diana states that using the free divorce do-it-yourself forms that are made available to pro se litigants are “extremely, extremely dangerous to all people.”[3] Has she applied the same scrutiny to the family law statutes in Texas? Who does she consult with to come to her conclusions on what is dangerous in the family law and what is not.


Diana talks as if having an attorney actually protects you from losing your property.

And what about the parents who did have the money to hire an attorney but were still systematically stripped of their property and their equal rights and time to their children because of the current laws?” Are these extremely dangerous laws Diana?

We believe parts of the family code in Texas as it is written right now is dangerous to parents and children who wish to be equally protected. Will you come forward Diana and help fix these laws or will you continue to attack and get in the way of those who are trying to fix them?

Where Laws Should Start

Equal parenting is what we all start with.

How are we supposed to feel about a person who is proud of causing a bill that protects this God-given, natural right to fail?

Public figures who use their law background like Lynn Kamin and Diana Friedman to deny the basic protections guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and mislead people to believe that denying this protection prevents litigation should be ashamed of themselves. [5]

Those who fail to pass laws to protect these rights can be the nicest people in the world. But just being nice doesn’t make you right. Continuing to refuse to protect the foundation that the laws are supposed to protect (your constitutional, fundamental rights equally applied to both parents to protect their family units individually), means you not only prevent the problem, but you become the problem since you have admitted and publicly shown that you are the people who are shaping and creating these bad laws.

[1] Family Law Foundation Legislative Update e-mailed to their members: 052815 Legislative Action Update (This is what they sent out in their e-mail.)

[2] Ibid

[3] Diana Friedman, YouTube video, accessed on June 2, 2015 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3S3QaNBwM7s

[4] Every biological parent has the same rights as the other biological parent until the laws properly remove this. When two parents of one child no longer are together, their rights remain with each of them completely and independently. Since the rights cannot be exercised at the same time then each parent can exercise their rights half of the time equally. When the state laws do not require the proper due process be applied before denying the protection of the equal exercise of each of these rights and time then the laws are unconstitutionally stripping parents and children of rights that they already had and should be protected by every state in their statutes – and if not protected in their statutes, then the constitution should be respected and applied as superior to their statute.

The constitution protects the full and equal rights of each parent. The court has to balance the rights properly. If they are going to issue a seizure order then this has to be reasonable and necessary. – Fix Family Courts

[5] Lynn Kamin can be see on the video posted publicly by the Juvenile Justice & Family Issues Committee testifying against the equal parenting bill here (at about time marker 5:32:05): http://tlchouse.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=37&clip_id=10699