…in the Father’s Rights Movement and anyone who acts in concert with them. It’s not just Thomas Fidler and the Texas group that Diana is after now. Her updated pleadings now state that she is suing all of The Father’s Rights Movement and anyone in concert with them.

Are you being sued by Dianne Friedman too? It appears that Dianne thinks that she can sue everyone who disagrees with her role in shaping the current family laws in Texas. Her amended pleadings now include all of The Father’s Rights Movement and anyone in concert with them.

What can this mean for you if you have posted something against her? Well nothing really unless you are writing something that is not protected under the 1st amendment.

You are allowed to post your opinion about someone.
You are allowed to ask others to boycott someone’s business.
You are allowed to express how you feel about them and their positions.

You are not allowed to do something that is illegal or to harass.

Look through the pleadings and the exhibits and you might find one of your posts in there. Does that mean that you are being sued. No.

They would like to make you think that they can broadly sue an entire movement. They have to sue individuals or businesses, organizations. They cannot sue a non-entity. In other words, you could not file a law suit to stop the civil rights movement. And just because Dianne is a hotshot in Texas, she still does not have any special privilege to sue outside the rules either.

Remember, they are trying to intimidate you and stop you from having effect on them and their efforts to shut down your efforts to correct the family laws in Texas. They will try to make the judge think that you are dangerous. They are already pulling the fear card. Sound familiar? A standard tactic used in family law cases when a parent wants to take a child from the other parent. So it is no surprise that they would list exhibits in their pleadings like Thomas Ball (man who burned himself on steps in Massachusetts) and highlighted his mandate to incite violence.

They are just trying to inflame the judge and scare you into stopping from exposing their participation in blocking you from getting new laws passed that they don’t agree with. They gloated and bragged about stopping the recent HB2363 equal parenting bill (50/50).

*We are not attorneys. Please check with an attorney regarding your rights if you feel that you are being sued or are not sure about whether or not you can be sued for something.

Download the Amended Brief and Updated TRO here: Amended Brief TRO and cause of action by Friedman 20150616