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How to work with your sample motions

In this video, Ron and Sherry discuss two of the sample motions and how they can be used to improve outcomes in your case.DISCLAIMER: I am not an attorney, do not practice law, and not a substitute for an attorney. Please seek the help of an attorney for your legal...
kids and teacher at table in dacare

How to Find Safe and Affordable Childcare: 5 Helpful Tips for Parents

Parents are facing a crisis in the United States: Many people cannot afford the outrageous costs of childcare. A report by NPR found that average American parents are “sweating and hustling” to pay for the childcare they rely on

Truth Bomb 1

Information you need to protect your rights in family court – Truth Bomb 1

Information you need to protect your rights in family court. Truth Bomb 1   https://youtu.be/6OuXBIxZjJg Learn the following in this video: This is the first of nine Truth Bombs. 1. Your relationship with your child is the source of constitutional protections for...
No-Fault Divorce - Palmer Systems Approach

No-Fault Divorce

No-Fault Divorce is a legal creation designed to avoid constitutional challenge to the State’s authority to regulate marriage and to allow state’s to continue punishing exercise of the Right to Divorce.

Right to Divorce - Palmer Systems Approach

Right to Divorce

If marriage is an intimate and expressive close family association protected by the First Amendment, then the Right to Divorce is the right NOT to Associate as a core element of the right. It is undeniable that the Right to Associate also contains the Right NOT to Associate.

Marital Status - Palmer Systems Approach

Marital Status

Marital Status is a concept created by American governments to separate their regulation of marriage as a civil institution from the historical religious justification for its regulation under English law.

Marriage - Palmer Systems Approach


Marriage is a private association between two people as both an intimate and an expressive close-family association that is constitutionally protected under the First and Fourteenth Amendments and as a privacy right.

child support slavery

Child Support Slavery

Abortion rights activists show us the way to end child support slavery by recognizing that compelling a person to work for the benefit of another violates the 13th Amendment.

How a narcissist wins in family court

How and Why Family Court Rewards Narcissists and Creates Dysfunction

Narcissists are hard for good people to understand. The issue is that you still believed that good exists in your ex, and that this will prevail. You didn’t want to believe that there is evil in people. And that’s probably because you are kindhearted and a good person with a good soul, so you think everyone has what you have inside – a conscience and good intentions.

FUAN TALK episode 2 with Special Guest Michelle Spear

FUAN TALK Episode 2 – Adoptee Birth Certificates law opens Records

Watch Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds sign the Adoptee Birth Certificate open records bill HF 855 into with Special Guest Michelle Spear.

FUAN TALK protecting defenders Veterans Day 2021show

FUAN TALK Episode 3 Disabled Veteran Child Support Equality

Featured Episode Protecting Defenders This episode covers the devastating effects that family law has on our military defenders. Joining us is a retired judge, a senator, and a disabled American Veterans representative revealing shocking facts...
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6 Ways to fight back against the GAL

DANGER! GAL is expensive and can hurt you badly. Get rid of the GAL

guardian ad litem not your friend

5 Ways a GAL Makes You Broke in Divorce?

DANGER! The GAL is a prosecutor for the judge, NOT your friend. Guardian Ad Litem adds costs and hardships but does nothing to protect your child’s rights.

Five Steps to Take if You Cannot Pay Your Child Support because you lost your job

Lost your job? Five immediate child support steps you must take immediately.

Texas vs Roe v Wade

Texas versus Roe v Wade

Listen closely. This is the most exciting news since Casey. The Texas fetal heartbeat law, SB8, will change how parental righton for your parental rights too!


The Texas abortion law SB 8 is already becoming a game changer for divorce and child custody law. How can that be?

compelled marriage right to divorce

Compelled Marriage – Lies Divorce Courts Tell

In Compelled marriage divorce court Judge forces parents to remain married and violates their First Amendment right to divorce.

Debtors prisons are illegal

Child-Support Contempt: Ability-to-Pay Protection

Yet another sad post and yet another father in jail for failure to pay unjust child support that he could not afford and being unjustly labeled a deadbeat by evil in a robe. You can fight this and you can win if only….

You only care about your Parental Rights

Has a judge ever told you that you only care about your parental rights not about your child’s best interests? Would you like to know how to properly respond?

burden of proof simply explained

Burden of Proof is Powerful, Gun Rights

Intermediate scrutiny, burden of proof means government must prove its claims with actual evidence. ABA gun rights article proves what we have said all along.

alimony law book and gavel

Texas Spousal Maintenance Chapter 8 Enforcement Final Divorce Decree Template

There are rules to spousal maintenance in Texas: Address these in your final divorce decree. You need to ensure that….

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Best Hope for Parents

Hope for parents has arrived in the book Not in the Child’s Best Interest

Like the green mile

It’s My Job to Destroy Parent-Child Relationships…Will That Excuse Save Me?

parents going through a custody battle can relate to how the scene in “The Green Mile,” where the warden’s wife says to John (the man on death row who just saved her life) “I dreamed of you…we were both wandering in the dark and we found each other” feels.


Enforcing Child Support Orders

When the bills hit $13,000 the costs became too much to bear alone. So they took the other parent to court. The court did nothing to the parent who refused to pay the medical bills all those years. But told the parent who was owed the $13,000 that they had not submitted the bills in a timely manner.

Members only tools on fix family courts

Why Your Attorney Cannot Provide What We Provide

Your attorney, even the good ones, are deeply trapped by this corrupted system. We are not.

Debtors prisons are illegal

How to Challenge Waiver of Parental Rights

Many state court judges believe that you waive your parental rights when enter a custody battle because they say you are asking the court to decide what you cannot decide together. This, of course, is illegal but you need to know how to fight it. What should you do?

How the Family Courts Censor You – First Amendment rights versus Fourteenth Amendment

The Supreme Court says that your parent-child association right is protected by the First Amendment as both intimate and expressive association. Close family associations of this nature must receive strict scrutiny protections which your divorce court judge is denying you. This is an abuse of discretion because the judge lacks any discretion to limit this right without first providing full due process protections to you and to your child.

Legislative Update Texas

Texas Interference with Child Custody Enforcement Bill

Texas has an Interference with Child Custody Enforcement Bill Moving through the Legislature Mirroring What we Suggested in Our Green Book. It has picked up Both Democrat and Republican Sponsors!

Bubbles of Love

Bubbles of Love Day 2021

Bubbles of Love event. My second grandchild was born yesterday. And I wouldn’t be a part of my grandchildren’s lives if it hadn’t been for the many people who were already out there educating the public about parental alienation.

A bill to be entitled an act

Texas Equal Parenting Bill HB 803 gets a hearing. What does this mean for you if the bill passes? And how do you Testify on this Bill?

This bill just codifies what you already have a right to. You have a right to equal parenting, your child has a right to its parents having equal parenting.

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When you are a member but get the Member Required page

When you click on something and get the Member Required page. Try this first: Go back up to the menu at the top of the page. On the far right, "For Members", click on the "Members Home." Log in. If you were logged in. Make sure that you were logged in using the e-mail...
How to get class videos

How do I get to my class videos?

From the Home page of the website, go to "For Members." From the dropdown menu, click on "Member's Home." From the Member's Home page, scroll down to the picture of the "Protecting Family Rights class." Click into the PFR class. On the left side of the page, click the...

How to Skip Video Intro

PFR Course Home Skip Video Intro VIDEO LENGTH: (2:36) Just like Netflix, if you don't want to see the introductions anymore, you can watch this video to see how easy it is to skip the intro. The opening at the beginning of each video in each course will be the same as...
Clear and convincing evidence is required

Connecticut Supreme Court protects parental rights and children’s rights

Connecticut Supreme Court Protects Parental Rights and Children’s Rights in latest case reaffirming Santosky principles and breathes new life into custody cases between parents and other relatives or foster parents

parenting coordinators

Parenting Coordinators — Helpful or Damaging to Your Child Custody Case?

Whether it is a Parenting Coordinator, a GAL, an ARC, an Amicus, or anyone you ask the court to appoint, or the court demands, to serve as an extension to the court, to determine the best interest of your child or in resolving your disagreements involving the care,...

Child Custody Possession Schedule Emergency Orders Under Shelter-In-Place Issued by Texas Supreme Court

These orders apply to all parents in the state of Texas. The Texas Supreme Court has issued emergency orders to help parents navigate these new conditions under the coronavirus. If you have confusion about whether or not you can pick up your child or if whether your...

Five Homeschooling Tips for Non-Custodial Parents and Parenting Time

As novel Coronavirus cases go up, non-custodial parenting time goes down. A shelter-in-place order does not mean that your children cannot see the other parent in person when they live close by.


Strategies: Establishing Clear Rules of Law Parental Rights (continued)

Sherry Palmer with Fix Family Courts teaches parents how to navigate the family court process, invoke protections of your parental rights, protect the child, and protect your right to continue to make the choices you feel are best for your child, rather than have a court impose what they believe is in the best interest of the child.


Strategies: Establishing Clear Rules Of Law Parental Rights

Sherry Palmer with Fix Family Courts teaches parents how to navigate the family court process, invoke protections of your parental rights, protect the child, and protect your right to continue to make the choices you feel are best for your child, rather than have a court impose what they believe is in the best interest of the child.

Tender Years Doctrine

Tender Years Proves the Constitution Applies in Family Court

IF THE CONSTITUTION DOESN'T APPLY IN FAMILY LAW THEN HOW DID SO MANY STATE SUPREME COURTS RULE THAT THE TENDER YEARS DOCTRINE VIOLATED THE CONSTITUTION? If the constitution doesn’t apply in family law then how did so many state supreme courts rule that the tender...

Free Josh Jaros

This father has sat in jail in Texas for almost two months because he did not sell his truck. Josh is an advocate who fought for your parental rights to be protected from interference when you try to spend time with your children at school. Josh got HB 3145 passed...

Appellate Attorney Admits Trial Attorneys are Failing to Protect Parental Rights

"After losing case after case, he simply gave up. Like the dogs in the study, he had learned there was little he could do to change the outcome of the case. So why bother fighting?" Finding an attorney who will protect parental rights can almost be impossible....

Do You Know Where Your Rights Come From and Do You Know How to Adapt Those Rights to Family Law?

Do you know where your rights come from? Most parents do not. Once they learn, they are told that these sources do not apply to the context of family law. At first you might accept that and trust your attorney to take care of you and your needs in the court. This may...

Connecticut Brief with Constitutional Parental Rights Arguments Moving up through Appellate Courts – see the En Banc arguments here

Connecticut appellate courts decided that constitutional parental rights could be ignored. The parent decided that she would request an en banc review. We are sharing with you the en banc arguments that we gave her to help her continue her fight for justice at the end...

What are the Top 10 Objections that Attorneys Give for Not Arguing Your Parental Rights . . . And How Do I Overcome Them?

You might have encountered an attorney or two, or three, or fifty that will all tell you the same thing, arguing parental rights in...
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Dallas Texas Judge OverRules Jury and Stops 7-year-old James Younger from undergoing gender transition and Governor Abbott has asked CPS to Open a Child Abuse Investigation

Judge Cooks ruled exactly as she should and how Sherry Palmer stated in a live FaceBook video where Sherry Palmer stated that she hoped that the judge was listening to and paying attention. Ron and Sherry Palmer have been teaching attorneys, parents, legislators, and...

Jury sides with mother in Texas to allow hormone-replacement therapy on a 7-year-old boy – Father Loses Fight to Protect His Son James from Mother’s Choice to Gender Transition his Son to a Girl

Story updated here. A father lost his battle to protect his son this week in Texas. Jeffrey Younger did not agree with giving his 7-year-old son hormone-replacement therapy to transition him from a boy to a girl. He felt his son was going through a phase. A jury in...

Parental Alienation Business Model and the Pain of Staying Connected and the Benefits the Children Lose

Today I’m going to share with you some painful reminders as well as the four stages of Parental Alienation. You’re a parent and you go to pick up your child for your visitation time, and you end up driving all the way back in rush hour traffic with an empty car. No...

Just Say NO – Boundaries, Power, Expectations, and Legal Abuse

Managing Your Attorney - Boundaries, Expectations, Power, and Legal Abuse There is a time and a place for following authority and that is when authority stays within its proper bounds. Today's journey is about identifying when that authority has gone beyond its limits...

How can Learning the Family Law Business Model Save You Money, Protect Your Health, and Turn Your Case Around?

Today I’m going to share with you my version of the family law business model and introduce you to a few simple ideas that will teach you how to save money and get on the right track for winning your freedom back, The things that I'm going to talk about today has...
How to sue your ex

Do You Know You Can Sue Your Ex for Interfering with your Parenting Time?

Do you need to sue your ex or your mother-in-law, the grandparent, because they keep denying you your child in violation of a court order, and they made false allegations about you as well to justify getting a restraining order against you to completely cut you out of your child’s life while their false allegations were under investigation, but now you are broke after having to defend yourself against those charges. Or you just might not have the stomach to go in front of the judge again and are afraid that you’ll just be denied.

Child Support Enforcement - Inability to Pay

Attend Child Support Webinar on Inability to Pay

Inability to pay is a defense to child support enforcement that you can use to put a stop to the insanity and the constant threat of jail. Don’t let the judge bully you any longer.

Is Staying in an Abusive Relationship Causing Your Children to Get Bullied?

Are you living in abuse and don’t have the motivation to get out, but you know you should? Have you wondered why your children are not standing up to the bullies at school even though you’ve given them several pep talks to help them do so? Perhaps you are not setting...

Montana Supreme Court Agrees child Support Law Unconstitutional

Montana Supreme Court ruled Thursday that a law passed in 1997 was a violation of separation of powers and allowed Judge Buyske's ruling to stand. Judge Buyske ruled the statute unconstitutional after the Executive branch had threatened to alter a child support amount...
shark parenting time rights

Does Best Interest have a Definition?

When a family law judge limits your rights by making a best interest determination, the Court’s best interest determination is an unconstitutional form of viewpoint discrimination, regarding matters of conscience in child-rearing, impermissibly used by the court to violate fundamental constitutional rights.

Bring Drake Home Mandamus is Denied

Guess what, not even $78,000.00 could save baby Drake. The Texas appellate court has denied the mandamus and refused to Bring Drake Home.

Steve Bresnen and Amy Bresnen, lobbyists hired to prevent equal parenting in Texas

Texas Has Had 10 Proposed Equal Parenting Bills Over 12 Years – You Will be Surprised What was in Those Bills and What Legislators Have Been There the Entire Time

Texas has Killed 7 Equal Parenting Bills Over the Last Twelve Years! Two of Texas' current equal parenting bills have made it further than it's predecessor two sessions ago. But other equal parenting bills have made it as far as these two and have still died. Even...
Steve Bresnen, lobbyist for Texas Family Law Foundation

Are the Bresnens and the Texas Family Law Foundation Done? Texas Attorney General Paxton Joins Fight Against State Bar

Is the Texas BAR about to be neutered? The recent lawsuit filed in March against the BAR association, filed by three attorneys with Empower Texans, would dry up the funds that the BAR association uses for lobbying against parents. This means that the money they use to...

When to Change Attorneys

You hire an attorney and think you are protected. You went into the hearing thinking the attorney was going to convince the judge that there was no reason you couldn't have equal time with your child, but instead the judge says that because you and the other parent...

Texas Equal Parenting Bills get a Hearing

Texas Legislators Feeling the Pressure Propose Equal Parental Rights Bills along with a Sanction Bill Aimed at Father's Rights Groups Texas has several bills related to equal parenting this year. Why so many? Texas Family Code is complex. These bills are intended to...
Equal Parenting

The Constitution Protects Equal Parenting

The best lies always have a kernel of truth in them. Your equal parenting rights are protected through multiple means as fundamental rights.

Father Wins Appeal and Gets Criminal Child Support Conviction Overturned

Minnesota Supreme Court Rules State must prove you failed to care for your child to Enforce Child Support . . . Father's conviction was overturned because his public defender attorney proved that the statute was vague. In a 4-3 split decision, the state’s high court...
Equal parenting slide with benefits

Texas Equal Parenting Bills for 2019

Parents in Texas, this year 2019, have an opportunity to add an equal parenting plan and order to the Texas Family Code Standard Possession Order (SPO) section. Historically, the SPO has only contained one plan that gives a noncustodial joint custody parent First, Third, and Fifth weekends of every month and Thursday evenings.

ag child support payments

How Much Is Your Child Worth to Your State? Attorney General office brags again about child support.

The state of Texas Office of the Attorney General collected 4.37 billion dollars in child support last year, according to Joel Rogers is the associate deputy director for policy legal and program operations for OAG child support division. Joe Rogers testifies on their...
Texas Governor Ken Paxton

Texas Attorney General Paxton Recognizes Parental Rights and Validates the Palmers’ Book

Texas Attorney General Paxton Recognizes Parental Rights are Protected by Strict Scrutiny in New Attorney General Response Opinion, KP-0241 Parents have been taught not to argue parental rights in family court. In fact, bringing up parental rights can be as damning as...
Mayes Middleton and his family

Texas has an Equal Parenting Proposed Bill HB 2157

The first equal parenting bill of the Texas 86th legislative session just made it onto the books. Rep. Mayes Middleton, a newly elected Texas State Representative has thrown his hat into the ring. Last time a legislator proposed an equal parenting bill in Texas was...
Kate Hudson's boyfriend Danny Fujikawa

Kate Hudson’s Boyfriend has NO Custody Rights to his Baby if he Resided in Massachusetts

Mothers have automatic custody of a newborn child born out of wedlock. A father however must fight for rights to their baby. The mother continues to have custody of this child even after the father establishes paternity, until an order or judgment of a probate and...
Maryland Court of Appeals

Parents who Ignore their Rights, Lose their Children

EXTREME JUDICIAL FAILURE: MARYLAND - Appellate Court Wrong about Parental Rights When it comes to family law, state court judges seem to simply lose their minds. The garbage they spew to justify their illegal actions is legend. This article exposes the shame of the...
Free attorney advice

Free Attorney to Ask Your Family Law Questions

Parents often get served with ex parte emergency orders and have no time or money to get an attorney on time for the hearing. I came across this 800 number where you can get some of your questions answered. One parent has tried it out already and they schedule an...

What do you do when your child says, “How come you ain’t never liked me?”

We might take for granted the rights that we have when we are not faced with an ex challenging our parenting style. Take a look at this video clip from the movie "Fences" and comment below. Dialogue[edit] Cory..: How come you ain't never liked me? Troy: Like you? Who...
man breastfeeding

Can Dads Breastfeed?

Mothers complain to the court that because they are breastfeeding the father should not have overnights.

Larry DeMarco

Judges Accused of Being Part of a Pay-to-Play Scheme that Makes Your Vote Meaningless

Elections Create a Political Judiciary Judicial Elections have Become Another Playground for Big Spenders. Attorney Larry DeMarco in Delaware County PA is running on an anti-corruption campaign. He says that there is corruption and collusion between judges, your...
Dr. Bedell

Best interest is Destructive to Your Child’s Mental Health, says Clinical Psychologist James Bedell

Because parents are arbitrarily being taken out of their parent's lives, there has been a huge push for states to pass equal parenting bills. This year will be no different. Fix Family Courts Ron and Sherry Palmer's views and teachings that the unconstitutional...
Fundamental Right to Disagree

Fundamental Right to Disagree

Taking children because parents disagree violates the First Amendment protected Fundamental Right to Disagree.

Sherry Palmer hugging Ron B Palmer

Every Time I Said Good Bye – How the BAR Keeps You Weak

I Didn’t know how long it would be before I would see my children again each time I had to say good bye to them at the airport to send them back to their father.

Rights protect us when there is a conflict. When you disagree with the other parent is when your rights come in to play.

You Invited the Courts Into Your Life is What They Say — Find Out What Your Rights say here . . . Episode 4 UPLa

Before you believe that "You Invited the Courts Into Your Life" in your child custody battle, listen to Ron B Palmer's 4th episode of UPLa. This podcast provides you with information your attorney is not telling you, at least not yet. Hi and welcome to another podcast...

Activist Creates Affordable Container Home Solution for the Homeless

More and more parents going through divorce are suffering homelessness after being driven into bankruptcy by the process. In Florida, one activist Glen Gibbelina has a solution, a tiny container home. Glen has been a family court reform activist for almost two...

The Dad Dilemma with Lisa Ling and CNN

We have a long way to go with educating the public on the dad delemma and where the public’s thoughts go on these issues.

How to Defeat the Argument that Parental Rights are NOT Absolute

How to Defeat the Argument that Parental Rights are NOT Absolute -   UPLaTM Podcast - Episode 2   Welcome to another episode of Ron’s “Unauthorized Perspectives and Legal Analysis”TM (UPLaTM). Today we are going to be talking about one of the biggest scams...
Ron B Palmer v UPL Committee

How the BAR association through their UPL committee protects illegal family law practices.

Listen to Ron Palmer's first podcast here. How the BAR association through their UPL committee protects illegal family law practices. As some of you may know I'm doing battle with the unauthorized practice of law committee in Texas who tried to threaten me and make me...

Podcast: Ultra Vires Regulation of Domestic Relations – Separation of Powers Doctrine

hear from Ron why the Separation of Powers Doctrine matters in your child custody suit.

Two parents fighting over custody of a child.

Constitutional Challenge on Best Interest of the Child Statute

The Best Interest of the Child (BIC) is used as a magical incantation that the states use to force parents into traumatic litigation. We show you how they have been tricking you, give you more information about what best interest really is, and offer you the secrets...

Daily Tool: How to Argue to the Court to Abolish the Best Interest of the Child Doctrine updated

Best interest of the child is an unconstitutional statute. Learn how to argue to abolish it and protect you and your child from abusive judges who use it to damage your relationship with your child.

Pete Sessions Republican U.S. Congress Representative

Top Republican Admits Unfair Judge Rulings can be Deadly and Fathers are Entitled to Equal Time

A video of one of the most powerful Republican Congressmen, Pete Sessions, shows Sessions saying that injustice in the family courts has lead to deadly results, and that father's are entitled to equal time, but that our culture has stood in the way. Sessions admits...
Book Cover - Judges Kill Families : Lies Family Courts Tell

Breakthrough New Book Publicly Shames Judges and Reveals the Key to Proving the Fourteenth Amendment Applies to Family Courts

Be the First to Learn About Suing Your Ex in Federal Court for Damages and How To Hold Your Judge to Constitutional Standards. Ever been told that you should just agree to the bad deal your ex is proposing to you because you weren't going to get a better deal in the...

Pissed Off Father Tells California Legislator About Family Court Unconstitutional Practices

A Pissed Off Dad Eric Scharfenberger, "A Pissed Off Dad" testified in front of the California legislator that the California laws are unconstitutional, and tells them that the family courts have kidnapped his 11-month-old son, are trafficking his child for Title IV-D...

Attorneys Validate Fix Family Courts has Been Right All Along – Yes, Virginia, The Constitution Applies in Family Court Too

Attorneys Finally Realizing that the Constitution Applies in Family Courts Attorneys are finally validating that Fix Family Courts has been right all along. Attorneys have been making the wrong arguments to the family courts and the attorneys who wrote this article...

Things Texas Does Not Want You to Know About Their Family Code.

Could Equal Parenting Plans Actually Benefit Child Support? No wonder Texas doesn't want nonattorneya teaching others about their code. We might reveal something in there that they would rather continue to be overlooked and not challenged. I found something super...

Illinois Child Support – the Real Story and Kash Jackson

When elected as Governor, when Grayson “Kash” Jackson takes office, he should immediately insist that the legislature and the judiciary stop violating the separation of powers doctrine and insist that if the state is going to regulate domestic relations between...

Governor Rauner’s Child Support Scam

Did You Think that Child Support was for the Children? The state of Illinois receives federal money every time they strip a child from their fit and loving parent. And the more child support they order this fit parent to pay, the more money they get from the federal...

5 Easy Steps on How to Get Out of the Divorce Trap

5 Steps How to Get Out of the Divorce Child Custody Trap and Maintain Your Independence... Today is a day to celebrate the freedom our founding fathers gave to us. You can be assured that your judge is celebrating his or her freedom today with their family and not...

Illinois Children Deserve Better

Do children whose parents divorce deserve less than other children who get two full and equal parents in their lives? Why does Governor Rauner believe its in a child’s best interest to deprive that child of a fit parent? That’s his state’s current policy. Governor...

Child Support Attack Against Kash Jackson is Fake News

Governor Rauner uses his corrupt, unconstitutional, family court system and fake news child support issue to attack the pro-family candidate Kash Jackson after Kash met the requirements to be on the ballot this November. Governor Rauner seems to think its an awful...

How jailing a Father for Back Child Support is Hurting his Daughters

Back Child Support is Being Used to Incarcerate a Man who Supported His Children Directly The children in this case are grown, their needs were provided for, so regardless of whether the duty was met or not, the children were adequately cared for and are now grown....

Major Media Notices that Parents Seek Removal of Their Child Custody Cases to Federal Court

Father makes Multiple Attempts at Removal of Case Involving Child Custody to Federal Court Kyla Asbury with NorCalReporter.com reported that Rudy Meza, “A California man recently filed a notice of removal in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of...

Advocates are Being Attacked by the State Bar Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee

Unauthorized Practice of Law or Civil Rights Fight? Has your state made it illegal to assist parents in an area of public concern? Have you looked for an attorney to fight for your rights and were told that you didn’t have any? Were you told by an attorney that the...

Indiana School Shooter – Are these the results of Broken Home Family Court Policies?

"Perhaps it's time to stop forcing kids into broken homes and cutting off a parent. The #1 precursor to teen violence is a missing parent, says Monica Szymonik. "Keep equal and reasonable access to each fit parent in divorce. Judges need to stop taking fundamental...
Why purchase coaching

CPS Takes Children from Mom in Arizona over Unproven False Allegations

An Arizona mother is being forced to keep her court-appointed Attorney where CPS has taken her children. "A mom in Arizona is being FORCED to use her court appointed attorney who has literally done nothing for her case. Won’t return calls, won’t object to anything in...
Indiana male DCS social worker

Mother Calling for Change to DCS Policy After Male Sent to Take Pictures of Her Daughter’s Butt

How Can Parents Protect Their Children From CPS? Facebook users are asking this question as this video continues to circulate three years later. Indiana CPS workers came out and harassed this mother after the police brought her 10-year-old daughter home in handcuffs...
Kash Jackson for Iliinois Governor headshot

Parents Injured in Divorces Ousting Politicians and Running for Governor

Parents Tired of Dying Bills and Dying Children Ousting Politicians Parents are tired of equal parenting bills dying and their children suffering. It seems like every week we hear about a new tragedy, another school shooting, another parent killing their children,...