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TOOL OF THE DAY: Support through webinars

CATEGORY: Family Law Support

Every day parents go through the challenges of making decisions in the confusing and tumultuous terrain that family court attorneys and judges live in every day. Parents and children typically do not. And they don’t have anywhere to turn.

Parents and children find themselves forced to live in this world without the guidance and information that would help them keep from getting lost, hurt, and taken advantage of.

This webinar series provides support and guidance to parents and attorneys that cannot be found anywhere else. Those that attended were able to ask questions and have discussions with Sherry Palmer of about some of their confusion about what is happening to them. We discuss what may be causing the frustrations and what might solve or prevent them in the future. Parents have not been able to get this information from counselors, their attorneys, or other experts.

Powerful and Eye Opening Webinar Discussions Providing Support in Child Custody Battles

After parents attended these webinars they left knowing what was happening and how their life was de-railed, while also feeling a little less lost.

There is one more live session in this webinar tomorrow at 1:10 cst. Click here to register: REGISTER AND ENTER ME IN THE DRAWING FOR A FREE CLASS

When you register and attend at least part of the webinar your name is entered into a drawing for a free full class “Protecting Family Rights.” (The winner will be announced at the end of tomorrow’s webinar.) There are also other offers made during the webinar that are only made available to those who are in attendance.)

Here is a clip from the second webinar in this series where Sherry talks to parents and tries to help them make sense of what might be going on and how to change it:

The concept that Sherry is talking about comes from her work that she is doing on applying the “clean hands doctrine”* to family law. Family law attorneys might tell you that they don’t apply the clean hands doctrine in family law courts. They tell you the constitution doesn’t apply either. ;O)

And here is a quote from a case that you can read further to help explain the concept that I was conveying during the webinar that conditions created during the pendency of the suit should not be used. You will have to argue it though and it will be up to the judge if the judge is going to allow it. But when you apply properly, if the judge disagrees with your attorneys analysis you might then have opportunity to ask the appellate court if the judge did not apply the law properly – in other words was there an error made in law. Oh, and it might be helpful if you let the judge know that you are going to make a “novel” argument in his court. If they don’t usually apply something or have never ruled based on a law or principle you are asking them to use, that is “novel” argument.

Here is the quote: (comes out of the case called Brown v. Lee, Minn: Court of Appeals 2015)

“A party `may be denied relief where his conduct has been unconscionable by reason of a bad motive, or where the result induced by his conduct will be unconscionable either in the benefit to himself or the injury to others.'” Peterson v. Holiday Rec. Industs., Inc., 726 N.W.2d 499, 505 (Minn. App. 2007) (quoting Johnson v. Freberg, 178 Minn. 594, 597-98, 228 N.W. 159, 160 (1929)), review denied (Minn. Feb. 28, 2007). “`The [unclean-hands]doctrine does not apply where the relief sought by the plaintiff and the equitable right claimed by the defendant belong to or grow out of two entirely separate and distinct matters or transactions.'” Id. (quoting Lindell v. Lindell, 150 Minn. 295, 298-99, 185 N.W. 929, 930 (1921)). The “adverse equity” of the party seeking an equitable right

must grow out of the very controversy before the court or out of such transactions as the record shows were part of its history, or where it is so connected with the cause in litigation as to be presented in the pleadings and proofs, with full opportunity afforded to the plaintiffs to explain or refute the charges.”

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You will be more confident, find more security when you know what empowers you, suffer less helplessness. It gets easier to go on even when you don’t get your way or the results that you wanted. You get help with adjusting to how to cope and still keep fighting.

Ron and Sherry Palmer began this organization after they were divested of everything that made them who they are. They have had to re-build a new life together and piece themselves back together. They wanted to share this with others and end the abusive cycle being perpetuated the family courts.

We hope that you will join us and become one of the success stories that the next generation will have to thank for ending the unconstitutional family court practices.