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If you are going to face the court because your divorce did not settle, you will be faced with much more than just convincing the court that you are the better parent.

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You will be faced with the idea that the court determines best interest of your child.

Many parents have left the court feeling shocked that they never committed any crime and never did anything wrong, and in fact may have even been the parent staying home with the child and some even homeschooling them. These parents leave shocked when the judge decides its in the best interest of their child to be with the other parent the majority of the time.

If you don't want this to happen to you, then you will want to know the following tips that we got out of our book "NOT in the Child's Best Interest" from Chapter 6 on page 73:

  1. The State must treat de minimisthe State's concern for the child's best interest over the Fundamental Liberty Interests of fit parents.
  2. The best interest of the child standard is overly broad, arbitrary and capricious.
  3. According to the American Bar Association, the best interest of the child standard requires Divorce Court Judges to predict the future.
  4. The Divorce Court can-NOT act in the child's best interest when it denies the child's constitutional rights.
  5. The State has a legitimate parens patriaeinterest where there are NO fit parents.
  6. Equal, shared parenting time is NOT harmful to the child.
  7. The Federal Government pays the States to treat parents unequally.

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