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It costs $47,000.00 to incarcerate a parent for a year and $17,000.00 to educate them.  Tayla Andre with Wake Up with Tayla has hit on a topic that has been ignored for far too long…

Children are losing when fathers are incarcerated or stripped of their driver’s licenses. What is the role that father’s play in a child’s life and how is the child affected when the child is deprived. Are these state policies defeating the purpose they were meant to serve?

Could part of the problem be that state policies are violating the fundamental rights of the children and their parents? Research is showing that children fare better when they have equal access to both of their parents. Would this also reduce incarceration and many of the social ills that befall children of divorced or separated parents?


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Social Science and Parenting Plans for Young Children: A Consensus Report – Richard A. Warshak

From Dr. Kruk, PhD | Psychology Today – Understanding Children’s Best Interests in Divorce

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From Shared Parenting – Shared Physical Custody – Nielsen Analyses 40 Studies


Tayla and guests from the Family Nurturing Center of Massachusetts in Boston shared on the show this morning on 101.3 Bit City FM regarding the cultural beliefs and attitudes surrounding fathering in black families when the father is no longer with the baby mama. These concepts transcend lines of color. They also discussed the perceived value that the father serves, the actual value of an involved father, as well as what beliefs and attitudes have perpetuated the continued idea that father’s are paychecks and not active nurturers and equal participants in their child’s life. And the damage that comes to children when a father is cut out of the child’s life.Tayla Andre w radio logo

Neither a fit mother nor a fit father should be cut out of a child’s life because the other parent doesn’t agree with them or like them anymore. And a parent should not be cut out of a child’s life because they failed to prove an allegation against the other parent.

Tune in tomorrow and listen to Sherry Palmer continue the discussion as she and Tayla delve into the topics around protective mothers, controlling women, when are these helpful and when are they harmful, and why and how are more mothers ending up in supervised visitation centers.

Please remember that we are a gender neutral organization who educate and share the issues. We are all bringing attention to beliefs and attitudes that are driving behaviors that are hurting our children.

Go to Tayla Andre’s radio page to listen to the shows. Tayla will be featuring family topics all week this week:

Wake Up with Tayla Andre (Sherry Palmer will be on tomorrow, March 25, 2015 from 5-7 a.m. EST. You should be able to listen to today’s show later today with the Family Nurturing Center of Boston.)


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