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How to Argue to the Court to Abolish the Best Interest

TOOL OF THE DAY: How to Argue to the Court to Abolish the Best Interest of the Child Doctrine. CATEGORY: Family Law Policy Analysis [SEE the UPDATED version of

Is Time with Your Child an Entitlement or a Right?

TOOL OF THE DAY: Is Time with Your Child an Entitlement or a Right? CATEGORY: Family Law Procedure Didn’t the father have several hearings already? Didn’t he al

Discovery Supplementation to Preserve Your Right to Arg

TOOL OF THE DAY: Discovery Supplementation CATEGORY: Family Law Procedure Today is a quick procedural note on how you can ensure that your constitutional argume

Top 2 Things the Court Does to Disadvantage You…

TOOL OF THE DAY: Top 2 Things the Court Does to Disadvantage You… CATEGORY: Family Law It’s unnerving walking into a courtroom and having no clue wh

Fitness…Do You Know What the Standard Is?

TOOL OF THE DAY:  Fitness…Do You Know What the Standard Is? CATEGORY: Family Law Fitness of a parent. What is it? If it is not defined well by your State then w

Confrontation Clause…How Does this Protect You Fr

TOOL OF THE DAY:  Confrontation Clause…How Does this Apply to a Judge Interviewing Your Child? CATEGORY: Family Law Due Process When a judge speaks to your

Steps for Fighting a GAL

TOOL OF THE DAY:  Steps for Fighting the Appointment of a GAL CATEGORY: Family Law Due Process “It is the first responsibility of every citizen to questio

Protecting Your Child During and After Divorce

TOOL OF THE DAY: Protecting Your Child During and After Divorce CATEGORY: Family Law Protective parents are feeling frustrated and powerless. Let’s take a

Judicial Notice

TOOL OF THE DAY: Judicial Notice CATEGORY: Family Law Definition Judicial notice is a term used to enter evidence in bulk and to save time. It is not the same t

Testifying at Town Hall Meetings and Congressional Hear

TOOL OF THE DAY: Testifying at Town Hall meetings and Congressional Hearings CATEGORY: Family Law Legislative Reform If you had an opportunity to speak to your

Habeas Corpus Sample for Protection if you Refuse to Su

TOOL OF THE DAY:  Habeas Corpus Motion Sample CATEGORY: Family Law Procedure Are you facing a hearing where the court is threatening to hold you in contempt for

Are Judges and Attorneys Blaming Parents for Problems t

TOOL OF THE DAY: Attorneys are essentially agents of the state whose purpose is making your fleacing go smoothly and failing to protect your parental authority.

Do states have a Conflict of Interest in Child Custody?

TOOL OF THE DAY: Conflicts of Interest – The State is a Party CATEGORY: Family Law Caselaw This caselaw counters the BS about the state not being a party

Mediation in Kern County — Building a Good Parent

TOOL OF THE DAY: Mediation in Kern County CATEGORY: Family Law Court Instructional Videos This Kern County Court video makes a lot of suggestions. The following

Plenary Power

TOOL OF THE DAY: Plenary Power CATEGORY: Family Law Definition What does it mean when the judge has plenary power? They have absolute and total power to change

Texas Supreme Court rules “Best Interest of the C

TOOL OF THE DAY: Mediated Settlement Agreements – MSA – Best Interest is not intended to be Used to Protect Children CATEGORY: Family Law Caselaw &#

Don’t Let Legislators Trick You…Your Fundam

TOOL OF THE DAY: 14th Amendment cannot be abridged by legislators

What is a FIAT?

TOOL OF THE DAY: What is a FIAT? CATEGORY: Family Law Definition FIAT literally means “let it be done.” An attorney can generally file a FIAT motion

How Parents Sabotage Themselves…

TOOL OF THE DAY: Wanting to Please and Sabotage CATEGORY: Family Law What’s the first thing you are told when you are going through divorce? Listen to you

What's the Biggest Farce in Divorce?

The biggest Farce in Divorce is that the state has a valid interest in protection of your child between two disputing fit parents.

Critical Public Health Issue — Equal Parenting Pr

TOOL OF THE DAY: Equal Parenting Protects Children’s Health CATEGORY: Family Law Politics Senator Ebke of Nebraska stated that not having regular contact


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