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Family Studies are a Major Driver of False Allegations

TOOL OF THE DAY: Family Studies create incentive and reward for the alienating behavior CATEGORY: Family Law The more you can harass the parent that is being at

Is the other parent Guilty of Violating My Constitution

TOOL OF THE DAY: Entanglement – State Action Doctrine exception CATEGORY: Family Law Doctrines When can someone be held responsible for violating the cons

Child’s Rights Violated by Current Family Law Pra

TOOL OF THE DAY: Child’s rights Violated by Current Family Court Practices CATEGORY: Family Law The legal presumption that a state may “grant” or “assign”

7th Circuit District Court of Appeals says Parents are

Parents are the Experts in Raising their own Children. Federal Court says so.

SAPCR amendment – Adding Protection for Your Righ

TOOL OF THE DAY: SAPCR amendment — Protecting and Asserting Fundamental Parental Rights CATEGORY: Family Law Forms Sick and tired of waiting for an attorn

Parenting Coordinator/Parenting Facilitator

TOOL OF THE DAY: Parenting Coordinator/Parenting Facilitator CATEGORY: Family Law All states are using “the best interest of the child” to justify a

“Unduly Burdensome” and “Unnecessaril

TOOL OF THE DAY: “Unduly Burdensome” and “Unnecessarily Restrictive” CATEGORY: Family Law Caselaw Are the appellate courts beginning to

Motion to Amend the Judgment

If there is a substantive error in your order, you can petition the court to amend the judgment.

Can the Judge Interview My Child in Chambers?

TOOL OF THE DAY: Interviewing a Child in Chambers CATEGORY: Family Law Can the judge interview my child in chambers? What if the family code statute says he can

Motion for Protective Order Sample Template

TOOL OF THE DAY: Protective Order Sample Template CATEGORY: Family Law Templates If you have been served discovery, asked to do a social study, psych eval, cust

I told the Judge No, Now What? Protect Yourself from Fa

TOOL OF THE DAY: A Simple Proven Method for Protecting Yourself from Discovery CATEGORY: Family Law Procedure When a divorce is filed, the judge makes orders ri

Help How Do I Prove a Statute Unconstitutional?

TOOL OF THE DAY:  When is a statute constitutional or unconstitutional? CATEGORY: Family Law Okay so you told the court that you believed the statute was uncons


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