TOOL OF THE DAY: Family Studies create incentive and reward for the alienating behavior

CATEGORY: Family Law

The more you can harass the parent that is being attacked, humiliate them, and rub into their face that their child has been turned on them, the better it makes it for the parent driving the bad behavior.

“Family studies are a major driver of this behavior. To a scared alienating parent a family study is like pouring fuel onto an open flame. They create goal-driven behavior and an all out attempt to manipulate the Court’s agent into choosing them. The Court’s agents, whose overwhelming arrogance leads them to believe that they cannot be fooled, then set up a perfectly designed challenge for that parent. ┬áThe result is lies stacked upon lies stacked upon arrogance that produces a psychological report that makes the Judge feel great about violating the Constitution.”

The above quote comes from our book, “NOT in the Child’s Best Interest.” You can click on the book title to read more about it and how it can empower you by helping you see through these tricks and lies.

These tools are designed to expose you to the process and how it operates so that you can be prepared to protect yourself from the abuse of power.