Lucy tells it like it is When you get divorced, the state terminates your parental rights by default. They won’t tell you this and they will likely deny it but what happens the moment you file divorce? The state seizes complete dominion over your child and requires you to seek permission from the state to speak with, to associate with, to worship with, and to share family privacy with your own natural child. It that isn’t terminating your rights, I don’t know what would be.

This book is designed to make it impossible for states to do the same to our children when they have children of their own. You can use this book to communicate to your representatives that you want this to change.

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This Amendment and book help you present these issues to your elected representatives in a coherent and meaningful way and allow more parents to become involved an effective without having to master the complex constitutional arguments. Parents can simply point this book out to their representatives and tell…

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Having spent thousands of hours reading countless Supreme Court and lesser court opinions, we have become expert in the ways that courts justify defying the Constitution and failing to protect parental rights. We are certain that even under the other proposed Amendment that the courts would continue denying parental rights just as they are doing today. Nothing, in that amendment’s language overcomes current flawed thinking by the courts. Our proposed amendment, on the other hand, has real teeth that courts cannot easily ignore or easily twist to suit their personal prejudices and biases. It is specifically crafted to equally protect all parents, married, single, and divorced, as well as children.

We have also become very familiar with the ways higher Courts leave openings in their opinions to except protection for children of divorce. These openings allow lower courts to treat divorcing parents as second-class citizens and to continue the reign of destruction to parent-child bonds in divorce. We have taken the time to specifically craft a proposed constitutional amendment that we believe addresses the majority of flawed reasoning used by courts today and that will provide strong protection of parents and children in most circumstances. Our hope is that this book will generate real discussion and real action on crafting and passing a constitutional amendment and improving family codes that strongly protect healthy parent-child bonds for all parents, married, single, and divorced.

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With a groundswell of support, this amendment could be passed in a few years’ time. Meanwhile, we continue to encourage you as parents to remain focused on any immediate court battle you may be going through. You can win through the courts by changing the way the custody game is played, by asserting your constitutional rights. Where divorce court judges continue abusing their power we win as a whole by challenging abuse after abuse in appeal after appeal until we have built up a body of case law sufficient to provide the protections parents and children deserve. This was how women gained equal rights even as they fought a very public battle around the ERA

NOTE FOR PARENTS: If you are facing denial of your rights today, you have reason for hope and support for action in many of the court’s current rulings. DO NOT wait on this amendment to pass. Fight for your rights today. Use the reasoning and case citations you will find in our other book, “NOT In the Child’s Best Interest,” to get the best results in your case today. Meanwhile, you can increase the pressure on your local courts by sharing this amendment with every legislator and politician in your country and state. The very act of many parents fighting for the protection of their rights at the trial court level, as well as politically, will move more and more divorce court judges towards equal parenting.

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We are not the first to propose an Amendment but we believe that we are the first to share so much of our reasoning in a format that you can so easily use to promote the vision of equal rights for all parents and protected parent-child bonds. Please, recommend this book to anyone who will listen.

This Ebook is provided by Fix Family Courts, an organization dedicated to fixing the family law system and ensuring that getting divorced doesn’t mean losing your children. We provide books that help you retain your constitutional rights to your children, we work one-on-one with parents to help them keep their rights to their children, and we offer free help to parents through our blog. See the last pages of this Ebook for a description of our services.

The 28th Amendment: Protecting Parent Child Bondsbook protecting parent child bondsAuthored by Ron B Palmer
with Sherry L Palmer