Protecting Parent-Child Bonds
A BluePrint for 21st Century Family Law

This Parental Rights Amendment book was written to provide a powerful focusing message to Congress around which Parental Rights Activists can more effectively organize in our struggle for Parental Rights, just as women seeking equality used the Equal Right Amendment (ERA).

Classifications: Nonfiction | Law | Government/Lobbying/Politics

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Protecting Parent-child Bonds


Proposed Parental Rights Amendment that provides a focal point around which Parental Rights Activists can effectively organize.

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Inside the Book...

A quick glance at the topics you'll learn


  • You have rights already.
  • Your rights are under coordinated attack.
  • ERA Equal rights amendment as blueprint.
  • Amendment as catalyst for change.
  • Aide in speaking with legislators.
  • Tell the courts that enough is enough.

  • Constitutional language is different.
  • Principles are the language.
  • The amendment defines freedom from government tyranny.
  • The amendment identifies fundamental rights.
  • The goal is to establish bright line rules.
  • The beginning of a vigorous debate?
  • The text of the amendment.

  • The family unit is a binary pair.
  • Unfitness is the standard for government interference in the family unit.
  • Our history is parental rights come from marriage.
  • Children were a unique form of property.
  • The source of rights has changed but states haven't kept up.
  • The rights must be the same for married and unmarried alike.
  • Parent-child relationships cannot depend upon the marital relationship.
  • Only very narrow conditions permit government interference.

  • Parents must be presumed fit.
  • Providing minimum reasonable standards of care is parental fitness.
  • Eliminate the current personal bias based approach.
  • States fail to protect children and actually injure them.
  • Clear and present danger standard.
  • Protecting parental rights equally ends most child custody suits.

  • Some of the many rights of parents are identified.
  • Fit parents determine the child's best interest.
  • Clarifies the issue for international treaties.
  • The rights of children must be protected.
  • Parental rights are full and equal.

  • Parental rights are natural rights that do NOT come from the government.
  • States cannot grant natural rights to natural parents.
  • Rights of step parents derive from the natural parent's rights only?
  • Natural parent's rights trump state presumed parent's rights.
  • Adoptive parents receive the same rights as natural parents.
  • Established family members have priority when parents are absent.
  • Temporary delegated care of a child is NOT abandonment.

  • Minor children have a right to be in their parent's care, custody, and control.
  • Parents hold the rights of their minor children in trust.
  • Minor children require the protection of adult custody.
  • Normal teen behaviors do NOT invite the state into the family's business.
  • Children do NOT get to choose between fit parents.
  • Children need their parent's protection from the overzealous state.
  • Parents have equal rights to possession of the child.
  • It is the parent's role to determine the child's best interest.

  • The state can set minimum equally applicable standards of child care.
  • Conflict between parents invites only least restrictive resolution from states.
  • State's can protect children from harm, so long as they don't create additional harm.
  • Rights are protected when the government has some authority, too much authority and state's violate rights.
  • Temporary intervention may be justified.
  • Long term intervention with fit parents is NOT justified.
  • Fit until proven unfit is innocent until proven guilty.
  • The state's fear of harm to a child does NOT justify the state's harm to the child.
  • Government is incapable of feeling and is easily corrupted.
  • Nuclear family ideals cannot justify violations of parental or child rights.

  • No existing power provides greater protection for children than nature's parent-child bond.
  • Judges can NOT be better than fit natural parents because they must be disinterested by law.
  • This amendment is designed to protect parent-child bonds from easily corruptible government.
  • Use this amendment to speak to your legislators, your governor, your judges, with all government officials.
  • The parent-child bond is the greatest protection for children that has ever existed and it must be protected by law.

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Confidence and a path forward

The knowledge that there is a path forward gave me the confidence to go there more calm. $400/hr attorney beat by a pro per . . . . Sherry and Ron’s material helps you shift to a more favorable arena. It has shifted my entire outlook and perspective. I now walk into court more calm and confident. I think that new attitude is helping turn the tide.

Review by Dad in California
I'm Grateful

I’m grateful for the guidance of Ron and Sherry Palmer for giving me the push. Many of us would not be where we are if it were not for them.

Review by Mother in Connecticut.
I will forever be grateful

Your help in court gained me the right to see all of my children and, while it is far from perfect, you gave me the strength and knowledge to at least fight for our rights. For that, I will forever be grateful.

Review by Mario
A must read.

And I bought the motions package. I “won” a two-day hearing as a pro-se.

Review by Father in California
Fired my attorney and won my custody case

I read your book, fired my attorney and won my custody case against a corrupt judicial district, lawless county sheriff’s department and a group of crooked lawyers. Nobody believed in me except me. Your book is worth hundreds of dollars!

Review by Mother in Kansas
A new voice and a strategy

I felt like I had a voice and I could choose to say no if needed. . . . now I feel like we have a much better position to work on our new strategy. My son’s dad even let him call me later that day for the first time in years.

Review by Mother in Texas

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