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Texas finally has an Equal Parenting Bill that has been introduced Thursday, March 4, 2015 by Representative Gilbert Pena. This Bill has been given the number HB2363.


Ron Palmer and Stuart McMullen will be meeting with Representative Pena Thursday afternoon to go over some details that involve defining best interest of the child as well as adding some additional provisions that will keep the courts out of your pockets and out of your private decision making for your children.

There are several areas of concern in this Bill, like best interest still being broad and undefined, nothing stating that parents in disagreement are not grounds to find it not in the best interest of your child to be with each of you equally, and nothing in it protecting parents of divorce from being treated differently than parents who are not. However it is a great starting point. And nevertheless, if it passes as is, it is better than what we have today.

If you wish to be involved in helping to amend and get this Bill passed or just want to let me know what you would like added or changed in this Bill, please contact me at and I’ll update your subscriber profile so you will receive updates on speaking opportunities to address the passage of this Bill. If you have not subscribed already then click here and SUBSCRIBE and select the following category: “Interested in being updated on HB2363 equal parenting Bill in Texas.”

Please go to this page for links to the Bill as well as any updates: Protecting Parent-Child Relationships Bills in Texas.

Special thanks go out to the following individual parents: Rustin Wright, Andrew McRae, Keri Fleming, Annette Parker, Michael Turi, Stuart McMullen, Frank Bustoz, Aaron Gill, Daniel Robinson, Wendy Archer, Michael Turi, Annette Parker, Vineet Mansukhani, Ron Palmer, and Sherry Palmer.