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Our team specializes in constitutional law principles as they apply in family law, working across multiple states to develop a deep understanding of how family law is implemented in different jurisdictions. We bring expertise in addressing challenges to constitutional rights in family law cases and provide comprehensive counter-arguments. With a focus on protecting parental rights and advocating for clients, we stay updated on legal trends and judicial opinions, offering innovative solutions to courts struggling with the complexities of parental demands for justice. Whether it's navigating different procedural rules, legal cultures, or state-specific approaches to family law, our experienced team collaborates with pro se parents needing to communicate parental rights principles to their attorneys, and with attorneys to help provide effective representation from start to finish, increasing the liklihood of more favorable outcomes in state and federal trial cases and appeals.

Motion to Amend the Judgment

If there is a substantive error in your order, you can petition the court to amend the judgment.

Can the Judge Interview My Child in Chambers?

TOOL OF THE DAY: Interviewing a Child in Chambers CATEGORY: Family Law Can the judge interview my child in chambers? What if the family code statute says he can

Motion for Protective Order Sample Template

TOOL OF THE DAY: Protective Order Sample Template CATEGORY: Family Law Templates If you have been served discovery, asked to do a social study, psych eval, cust

I told the Judge No, Now What? Protect Yourself from Fa

TOOL OF THE DAY: A Simple Proven Method for Protecting Yourself from Discovery CATEGORY: Family Law Procedure When a divorce is filed, the judge makes orders ri

Help How Do I Prove a Statute Unconstitutional?

TOOL OF THE DAY:  When is a statute constitutional or unconstitutional? CATEGORY: Family Law Okay so you told the court that you believed the statute was uncons

Why would attorneys, the ABA and the ACLU oppose Measur

The people that are supposed to protect you from government intrusions are opposing a Measure that strives to protect children from abuse of power in the family

Reclaim your Identity

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Your Rights are not Dependent on the Legislature!

“Ultimately all judicial power rests with the Supreme Court of the United States. They are the final arbiter of all judicial issues.” The three branches of gove

Judges do not Have the Right to Interview Your Child!

Worried that your child has been turned on you and is going to be used against you privately in chambers? Worried that the judge will accept something from your

Florida Family Code Statute 61.13 is unconstitutional o

Title IV-D is where the Federal Government pays the States a kickback for collecting child support without any requirement that the state act within constitutio

It’s the Parent’s Fault? Are Divorce Courts

It’s the Parent’s Fault? What if your child is against you? What if your child does not want to live with you? What happens when the court places your child in

TYLA free Divorce Decree Template

When you file for a divorce it is important to know what the final result looks like. Knowing this can be very helpful in getting your divorce finalized and off

Identifying Patterns of Alienator Parent in terms of Be



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Beginner's Guide to Family Law

A Simplified Path to Parental Rights

For a loving parent, a child custody suit can be a time of terror. The most important thing in your life is at stake and it doesn't take long to figure out that the system is rigged against you. This book provides simple straight forward and easy to understand ways to help ensure that your rights get protected. This is the starter guide for you to protect your rights.