Worried that your child has been turned on you and is going to be used against you privately in chambers? Worried that the judge will accept something from your child privately that you’ll never have opportunity to defend against? Are you being told that the judge has the right to interview your child?

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Judges do not have the right to use sealed letters written by your child or even to take your child into private chambers and interview them for purposes of determining the child’s wishes. No matter what any state legislation may say or seem to grant them authority to do. Legislators are going to want to update their statutes to reflect this protection of your right and your child’s right!

I was researching some material this morning when I stumbled upon proof of a claim we made in our book, “NOT In the Child’s Best Interest” that parents in divorce have a right under the Sixth Amendment to face their accusers in court even when that accuser is their own child. I’ve been looking for…how can a parent at the trial court protect themselves from their child being used that is siding against them in a court of law…and how a parent can protect their child’s constitutional rights to receive the education and benefit from both of their parents equally even when the child claims to reject a parent, e.g. parental alienation; and not have letters that the child writes privately sealed and kept away from the parent and used to violate these rights.

Because the rules of objection already make the constitutional argument for you, all you have to do is cite the proper objection rules. All you have to say is:

Your Honor, I object! The evidence is hearsay and violates the Confrontation Clause.

And then back it up with reference to the rules that we explain to you in our classes. This is unbelievably simple! Learn about these from Sherry and Ron B Palmer this Friday in the upcoming FREE webinar and LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD.

Ron Palmer has stated before that interviewing your child privately in chambers is a violation of your Sixth Amendment right. Taking that from theory to putting it in practice has been the challenge. Join us and learn how to overcome these challenges.

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A parent has a right to protect their right to educate their child in their civic, moral, and religious beliefs. If you are part of the reform movement and you want to know how to articulate overcoming this status quo behavior in the courts and help your legislators change the statutes that are violating this right, join us this Friday from 6 to 7:30 p.m. LIVE WEBINAR OVERCOMING STATUS QUO

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