Texas finally has an Equal Parenting Bill that has been introduced Thursday, March 4, 2015 by Representative Gilbert Pena. This Bill has been given the number HB2363.

Ron Palmer and Stuart McMullen will be meeting with Representative Pena Thursday afternoon to go over some details that involve defining best interest of the child as well as adding some additional provisions that will keep the courts out of your pockets and out of your private decision making for your children.

There are several areas of concern in this Bill, like best interest still being broad and undefined, nothing stating that parents in disagreement are not grounds to find it not in the best interest of your child to be with each of you equally, and nothing in it protecting parents of divorce from being treated differently than parents who are not. However it is a great starting point. And nevertheless, if it passes as is, it is better than what we have today.

If you wish to be involved in helping to amend and get this Bill passed or just want to let me know what you would like added or changed in this Bill, please contact me at sherry@fixfamilycourts.com and I’ll update your subscriber profile so you will receive updates on speaking opportunities to address the passage of this Bill. If you have not subscribed already then click here and SUBSCRIBE and select the following category: “Interested in being updated on HB2363 equal parenting Bill in Texas.”

Please go to this page for links to the Bill as well as any updates: Protecting Parent-Child Relationships Bills in Texas.

Special thanks go out to the following individual parents: Rustin Wright, Andrew McRae, Keri Fleming, Annette Parker, Michael Turi, Stuart McMullen, Frank Bustoz, Aaron Gill, Daniel Robinson, Wendy Archer, Michael Turi, Annette Parker, Vineet Mansukhani, Ron Palmer, and Sherry Palmer.

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    • @concrndfather

      Great work Ron, Stuart, Sherry & #Dads & #Moms of #Texas!
      Your insights, balance, care for kids and their outcomes
      will prove instrumental in helping Texas
      move family law into the 21st Century.
      So grateful & proud of your selfless efforts!

      ~CF Team

      • Sherry Palmer

        Thank you!!! The work is everyone who has been consistently refusing to give in and give up. Thank you!

    • LIsa Hollinger

      Great Job.. WEndy you are such an inspiration.. Thank you

    • jerry knopf

      It’s about time! Too late for me I’m sure, thousands of $ later for trying to be a good dad and do the right thing. I had to prove I was a good guy while all the time being treated like I had done something wrong, no one believing that there was something wrong with the other parent. Took 12 years, my son had to prove it for me. That’s just not right. Says the veteran of the military/ Firefighter Paremedic with a classified clearance. See all that still didn’t matter. And, this is why things MUST change. It’s not the 50’s anymore, my ex made $10,000 a month $6000 more than me. So it also goes to show $ + the law makes me the loser in this case. That needs to change too.

      • Sherry Palmer

        They had no right to do that to you Jerry! They are being forced to change now because people are getting smart about this. More people are figuring this out and no longer willing to put up with it or buy into their lies anymore.

      • Fred Mason

        The language in the bill has to be specific and state ”’ Equal Shared Parenting” .If the language does not state this,the corrupt judges will award mothers 90 % and the fathers 10 % and say that that is their definition of shared .

        • Sherry Palmer

          Hi Fred. The Bill does say “equal” and it also says “(A) the schedule may not grant possession to a
          parent for a number of days each year that exceeds the number of
          days of possession granted to the other parent for that year by more
          than five days; and
          (B) the schedule must alternate on a yearly basis
          the parent who is granted possession for a number of days for the
          year that exceeds the number of days granted to the other parent.”

          We will be working with the representative who authored this Bill and making suggestions on some changes and additions. If you any other suggestions please let us know. Thank you.

      • Linette

        I am so sorry to hear what you and your child has and/or us going through. My heart goes out to you

    • Jeff Dilegge

      It is so great to see our Reps listening to us and helping us achieve true equal rights. I’m not from Texas, but I support any Rep that fights for what is right for the kids. A child needs both parents and if there is alienation of one, it hurts the child long term.

      • Sherry Palmer

        Thank you Jeff. Words of wisdom indeed. Even parents with flaws are better for children than what the courts are doing now.

    • Stanford Rittenhouse

      Glad to see this. It’s about time in this age of equality. Prepare for much opposition from lawyer and feminist groups.

      • Sherry Palmer

        We are prepared. It is the opposition who will not be prepared. Thanks for commenting and engaging. Hope to see you at one of the hearings when they open the floor to debate on the Bill. The Bill will go through many changes before it goes through its final vote.

    • RJ

      How does this affect child support if I already have joint management conservator? I still pay child support because the court rules that they need to establish equal households. She is obviously not working and so I have to pay a significant amount.

      • Sherry Palmer

        HB2363 does not have anything in it regarding child support. The child support formula is what guides the courts on child support in Texas as well as the child support statutes. If you have a judge that is telling you that the households must be equal, I hope that you challenged that. From a constitutional standpoint, there is nothing constitutionally that would mandate that homes must be equal. In fact, that would go against our democratic principles. The court currently can also impute income in Texas — see Iliff v. Iliff. If you want to make constitutional arguments then you are going to have to give your trial court opportunity to rule on those first. If you have additional interest in what we argue regarding child support send me an e-mail to sherry@fixfamilycourts.com and I’ll dig up a couple of the areas where we have argued. Perhaps that will help you. Take Care.

      • Sherry Palmer

        Child support should be based on your fundamental right to provide for your child directly first and at basic minimum needs. We know this is not how they do it now, and we are addressing that issue as well. The bill requires proper due process to be applied before ordering child support to be paid to another parent or another third party.

    • Shea

      This bill has nothing to do with what is right for the children involved, just the needs of the parents. How selfish. When you decided to have children, your needs took a back seat. How disruptive and counter productive.

      • Sherry Palmer

        Hi Shea. Children depend on their parents being protected so that they can protect their children. Someone has mislead you into believing that asserting your rights is bad for children.

    • Bill Baker

      This is great news…is this proposed bill available to view anywhere?

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