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Writing Policy: Citing Wikipedia

Fix Family Courts was founded to help parents and their family law attorneys. It is not designed to provide academic or scholarly work. Our publications are designed to help parents and their attorneys prove constitutional legal arguments in courtrooms. Therefore, we ensure that every legal theory or argument we publish is well-supported by case law and we heavily cite those cases in appropriate publications.

However, when introducing general topics of government or law to parents we will often cite Wikipedia, not as the definitive source but as a starting point for research. We believe that Wikipedia has demonstrated itself to be at least as accurate as the encyclopedias of old, which were used in the same manner, as a starting point for learning new subjects.

Parents often have to familiarize themselves with concepts that they may have had only a cursory exposure to in school or even no exposure to at all. For this reason, Wikipedia is a good place to go for a primer on the concept. Wikipedia requires extensive citations for articles to be fully accepted and provides very visible warnings for articles that are not adequately cited. These citations allow readers to further validate what the article is saying and hopefully lead to other citations.

If you are an advanced scholar with a poor opinion of Wikipedia as a tool for advanced research, please do not post those opinions here, where it is being appropriately used as an initial research tool for parents who are laypeople. Please feel free to go directly to the Constitution, statutes, or our publications written for attorneys to validate or reject what we say.

This is the ultimate source of our citations and the definitive text of what the U.S. Supreme Court has said:

Where our work is provided to support activism in the area of family law, such as proposed legislation or constitutional amendments the work is supported as appropriate for those purposes.

This is a forum for debate on the merits of the issues, not for debate on the merits of the available tools. Please, phrase your comments appropriately.


Reliability of Wikipedia –

Internet Wisdom: “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Go to the source and validate, validate, and validate. –Abraham Lincoln. Source, Secretary of State, Abraham Lincoln’s 1730 speech on fake Internet news delivered at the NASA space warfare college.

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Source, Secretary of State, Abraham Lincoln’s 1730 speech on fake Internet news delivered at the NASA space warfare college.

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Ron has a 25 year history solving complex governance and process problems for the largest companies in the world as a consultant working for some of the largest consulting companies in the world. He has a background in economics, complex systems design, and business operations management. Decades of high level industry consulting skills have been focused on family law for over a decade and Ron has identified the key flaws and devised solutions that you can apply today to help you keep your rights over your child and help ensure that your child never faces the same corrupt system.