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TEXAS Equal Parenting Bill HB 2363 is DEAD!

TEXAS Equal Parenting Bill HB 2363 is DEAD!HB 2363 Equal Parenting Bill has DIED. Calendar committee has adjourned and never even added this bill to their list.

STOP CALLING the Calendar Committee tonight.

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Written by Sherry Palmer

As a constitutional family rights expert researcher and writer, Sherry helps parents and their attorneys see the possibilities in making constitutional arguments for parental rights as being in the child’s best interests. She enables parents and attorneys to assert rights and convert the constitutional principles into everyday practice and natural language. Sherry does this through creating and teaching online digital courses, speaking, webinars, and workshops. Sherry’s teachings are unique and cutting edge to the family law industry developed by her and her husband. Sherry attributes successfully developing the most powerful tools and a five-stage formula to assist attorneys and pro se parents get better results and fight legal abuses that occur in the family court settings.