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    Attorneys are taking your money and not fighting for your right to be free from the court’s control over your life. There are videos in this membership site to help you understand what is really happening in your court case, rights your attorney might not be telling you about, what you need to know, what to expect, and how to guide your attorney.

  • What Your Rights Do For You

    The Constitution actually provides very strong protections for your rights if you understand how to argue them. Family Law Courts have twisted and perverted the law for a very long time. That’s how they get away with it. You can stop them. Your attorney might tell you that they don’t apply these rights, and that’s the problem. But once you know that you have these rights and how they protect you, you won’t fall for the expensive and bankrupting tactics the family courts will use. You will be better at understanding how to ask for what you really want and drive your future once you understand how these rights apply to the family and juvenile courts. Leave these rights out and you give up the keys to your own life. You will forever be under the control and threat of the court and your ex.

  • Stay in Control of Your Life - Equal Custody and Equal Protection

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