Divorce is scary business. Parents are hiring attorneys with the belief that the attorney is going to protect them. Your attorney will NOT protect your rights! You think you can go on with your business, carry on with your life, and just await your attorney’s instructions to finish up. Not if you are in a contested divorce you won’t.

You might even think that everything will be wrapped up in about 6 to 9 months and that your retainer is enough to finish the process. That retainer in a contested divorce is just to get you invested in the process with that attorney. It will cost you more, most likely much, much more. And it doesn’t matter how much you pay, the results will likely be the same. Once both parties are out of money, the attorneys quickly agree to the standard and close the case.

You never dreamed that the divorce process could last years, cost more than you owe on your house, and create debts for you that could last a lifetime. You might think, “Surely, my attorney wouldn’t let this happen.” This isn’t LA Law, Perry Mason, or some other fanciful TV program, your attorney will simply go through the motions and consume your money. Your attorney really is just a player in this, they don’t even try to stop it, they just walk you right into it and hold your hand while you get screwed if you’re lucky. We’ve talked to more parents who have felt alone and abandoned throughout this process even when they have an attorney!

First your attorney asks the judge to use his/her power to make decisions for you when you and your soon-to-be ex cannot agree. Next, they might suggest expensive evaluators, counseling, and even perhaps an attorney to represent your child’s best interest. It all sounds reasonable right? You need someone who knows what is really happening to see what the real cost of all of this could be. We always tell everyone that every request you make to your attorney carries dollar figures with it.

Ask the court to decide, you have to pay a retainer to your attorney to make this request. Ask the court to order custody evaluations or social studies, you have to pay for these; this could run anywhere from $1,500 dollars to, we have heard as high as, $70,000 dollars. Ask the court to appoint an amicus or a guardian ad litem (GAL) and this cost in some states is unlimited. You pay the GAL or amicus the same rate as you would pay an attorney in your area, anywhere from $200 to $400 an hour. You will not know how many hours they will spend. You will have difficulty getting them off your case. And if you run out of money, you could be threatened with jail time when you can no longer pay. And this is just the beginning. There is more, there is other discovery, interrogatories, depositions, etc. The cost just continues to rise. And that’s just the financial cost. We won’t get into the emotional cost on this post.

Often the attorney ad litem or GAL simply end up being another party fighting against you, who ironically you pay. They will respond to every filing, meaning your attorney will have to deal with their responses and will run up your bill doing so. You will be paying from both ends. 

Because we have seen this re-play too many times, we have set up a member site where you can get the support you need and information about the process (strategies, tactics, alternatives, solutions, organizational tips, etc.) when you need it. Have no doubt, you will need this information.

If you wouldn’t go to your doctor without having done any research on possible diagnoses and treatment options, then why are you doing this with your attorney? You have a stop loss with your doctor by having insurance. You don’t have that with an attorney. Do your homework with your case or pay a bigger price than you ever dreamed.

It’s not enough to find a friend or a referral to an attorney. The law is a bigger gamble than medical and you have no insurance to cover you for the catastrophic expense.

So we created this member site where you can go and get the help you need when you need it. Find out how to control your case today or it just might take control of your life. To kick it off, we have included our 16-hour course “Protecting Family Rights,” a $3,200 value, as part of the membership package.

Become a member here today. It only cost $20* to check it out and you get immediate access to invaluable information that could save you thousands and thousands of dollars, and more importantly this information could save you from losing your rights to your child. Once you lose those, it is the most grueling uphill battle you could ever imagine to get them back. If they are not very young, they could age out before you get your rights back. So hurry and get in now at this super low introductory rate.

Become a member today.

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No contracts, cancel any time. Use as long as you need and cancel when you no longer need it. Get access to Ron and Sherry Palmer and to information before we even launch it to the public. Learn what has been working and what has not before you pay the price.


*Prices are subject to change. This was published on January 1, 2018. These are introductory prices and could increase.

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