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Iowa Proposed Joint Custody Bills Getting Major Push Back from the Bar and Domestic Violence Groups

iowa nicholas dreeszenIt looks like Iowa is trying to move closer to an equal parenting presumption and their idea of an equal parenting law. Iowa has a House Bill and a sister Senate Bill that propose joint physical care. equal parenting bills that are getting quite a bit of opposition from C.P.S. saying that this presumption will increase domestic violence.

The two bills proposed are HF71 & SF190, and an excerpt from the bills:

The court may shall provide for joint custody of the child by the parties. The court, insofar as is reasonable and in the best interest of the child, shall order the custody award, including liberal visitation rights where appropriate, which will assure the child the opportunity for the maximum continuing physical and emotional contact with both parents after the parents have separated or dissolved the marriage, and which will encourage parents to share the rights and responsibilities of raising the child unless direct physical harm or significant emotional harm to the child, other children, or a parent is likely to result from such contact with one parent.

HF71 is a joint physical care bill and SF190 are sister Bills on joint physical care.

Even though these bills still leave the best interest attorney against equal parenting iowa joseph fernandezdetermination up to the judge, these bills are getting quite a bit of opposition from the Bar and domestic violence advocates. These include local attorneys.

The advocates for equal parenting have been working long and hard for these bills to succeed.

SF190 has a subcommittee meeting tomorrow at 1 p.m. Click this link to contact FUAN (Families United Action Network) for more information about the details regarding where and how to attend this meeting.

And there is a meeting this Friday, February 8, 2017, addressing C.P.S. claims challenging an equal parenting presumption as leading to more domestic violence issues. The Iowa group FUAN is run by Nicholas Dreeszen and it is a very strong voice and proponent for equal parenting. You can register to attend the meeting this Friday here in Des Moines Iowa on Family Law Reform with FUAN here.


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Written by Sherry Palmer

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