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Indiana School Shooter – Are these the results of Broken Home Family Court Policies?

“Perhaps it’s time to stop forcing kids into broken homes and cutting off a parent. The #1 precursor to teen violence is a missing parent, says Monica Szymonik.

“Keep equal and reasonable access to each fit parent in divorce. Judges need to stop taking fundamental rights away from parents just because they elect to divorce. This solution is free, it’s simple, and perhaps so many kids won’t be driven to violence when they hit the adolescent years.”

Monica stands for #CommonSensePolitics and is running for the Green Party. If you like her views and want to make sure your voice is heard, she is accepting pledges, which convert into real donations once she gets enough signatures for ballot access.;-suspect-in-custody/3520607/

Monica Szymonik is running for State Representative District 31 in Connecticut.


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Written by Monica Szymonik

Monica Szymonik is a Certified Health Coach, PLTI graduate, parental rights lobbyist, crusader of justice, and lifelong health guru. Her “Moms Unshackled” web-based health coaching program guides women into overcoming legal abuse in the family law industry. Monica met her life partner while giving public testimony, and together they are creating a book entitled, “Don't Visit Your Kids!” – designed to empower parents on moving through fractured Family Court system with fewer battle scars than they both endured. Monica is also a guest blogger for “Fix Family Courts”, volunteers for the National Family Law Policy Center, and has been featured in the Huffington Post, Glastonbury LIFE, and CT Mirror. Monica is very excited to share "Moms Unshackled", which delves deeper into health saving strategies that are outlined in her book.