Why are There so Many Pro Se Parents in the Family Courts?

Family law attorneys only know how to follow the leader. They do what they have always done because they don't know anything else.

Are you having trouble finding an attorney who will fight for your parental rights?

Family courts have been violating parental rights and children's rights for so long that it is the norm. Just like slavery was the norm, and women not having rights was the norm, Jim Crow laws were the norm, etc.

Lots of parents are fighting to create change now.

Video Transcript

You know you have rights. But the judge and the attorney say you don’t. You know better than that. So, you decide to do it yourself. Even though it is scary and nerve racking. The majority of parents that have contacted us have said that they cannot find an attorney to fight for their parental rights. Even after calling over a hundred attorneys in some cases. Parents are told that the judge can do what he wants. Despite telling attorneys that you have rights that limit the judge’s discretion. Attorneys tell you that the judges don’t care. It is your attorney’s job to make the judge care. But when they refuse… what choice do you have but to do it yourself. Parents we know found representing themselves liberating but time consuming. But totally worth it. There’s nothing worse than having an attorney and not being able to fight back. Parents who learn parental rights from us save time and do better. Are happier, feel better, protect their dignity and have self-esteem! Save Money. And most get better results. Although we teach you about your fundamental rights, you will also need to learn the procedural rules. Those you will have to learn from other sources. Not knowing those rules can prevent you from entering evidence or from being heard. We will share what we can on these too. But we are NOT a substitute for an attorney and cannot teach you all you need to know about state specific rules. Parents who learn our materials are more effective. And get better outcomes for most. All parents who use their rights are helping society learn to do this right! Protecting children and future generations! When that gavel comes down… that’s it. Everything after is based on what was argued prior to that time. Do NOT count on modifying later. Your want justice… fight for it now! We’ve done the hard work for you. Your rights are just waiting for you to use them. The Bar Association has imposed harm on you and your family… by making attorneys afraid to protect these rights. We will help you learn so you can teach your attorney… and if your attorney fails you, you will know how to do it yourself. We help you use your power to decide how you want to live your life. We help you take control of your life back. What are you waiting for? Come see us now!

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