attorney and court habit loop pictureMany of you have gotten frustrated because you know that change is needed, but you haven’t been able to get enough people interested in the change, and those that do get interested lose interest.

Some lose interest because they feel they don’t believe that meaningful change will ever really happen or change has been too slow. We’ve had people tell us that there just isn’t time to wait for traditional reform, that our children need change now, and that they would like to see change happen in their lifetime.

So we got right on it and developed this webinar that is sure to wow even those most skeptical who thought that they had tried everything.

I know that some of this might come as a shock…how simple it is.

This free webinar takes a look at what it takes to get the change that you want now!

So if you seriously think you’ve tried everything you’re going to want to attend this webinar called ENGAGE AND DESIGN MY OWN DESTINY AFTER DIVORCE.

What is a habit loop? It’s where you develop a routine and do that over and over again when you receive the cue that triggers that habit. As soon as you go to an attorney and say I was served with divorce papers or I want to get a divorce, the routine that they use for that kicks in.

Attorneys have done the same job over and over again for years and years. They develop a routine on how they do things. We mentioned in a previous webinar that attorneys have a few strategies that they use, and almost every one of them take you down the path that opens you up to the arbitrary use of broad discretion that takes control over you, your life and your children!

What if changing your family court results were as simple as changing this habit? Now how could that happen the attorneys might wonder, they think that the process and procedures require things to be done the way they’ve been doing them.

Experts like Charles Duhigg and Claude Hopkins discovered that once something becomes a habit, your brain activity drops down to about the same amount of activity as it does when you’re asleep! No wonder you haven’t been getting anywhere when you try to change your attorney or the courts! So what does that mean for you?

You get lead down the same paths with the same bad results!

attorney and court habit loop picture

So when you go to an attorney who tells you that you should hire them because they have a lot of experience. You might think twice about how that experience might actually be a detriment to you. Who wants to hire an attorney whose brain is asleep on the job or is in auto-pilot! Don’t understand. Don’t worry, we’re going to discuss this in more detail during the webinar…so if you want to attend. Register here to tell us to HOLD YOU A SEAT

Naturally you want to know WHAT are these HABITS and how do YOU change them? We’ll go over the first 3 steps necessary for achieving this using long proven and tested methods and a formula that has garnered successful results for sport’s teams, businesses, and individuals for decades.

The only three things that you need to do right now is click on the registration link, register, and show up on Friday, March 28, 2014 at noon to get off the course that they’ve had you on all along and replace it with the course that you design to stay in control of your life and your children.

This webinar is not only about engaging your audience but also the formula that is finally the key for changing it all.

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What is more powerful than teaching others how to get what they want!

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You wanted real reform right now. You didn’t want to wait for years or even decades. How long does it take to break a habit?

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We look forward to seeing you this Friday and to the success that you’re going to be able to reward yourself with after you LEARN HOW TO ENGAGE REFORMERS AND DESIGN YOUR OWN DESTINY AFTER DIVORCE!

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See you there!