It was brought to my attention this morning by Rk Hendrick, author and men’s rights activist,[i] that a university in Oregon is teaching women to hate men and creating hostile environments for their male students. Therefore I wrote the following letter to the school and wanted to post it here so that other schools could learn from this university’s error and correct if they are doing the same. If any schools are teaching curriculum that is gender biased and teaching either gender to hate the other gender or to believe that one gender is superior over the other, this needs to stop.

My husband and I witness the results of these beliefs in divorce with child custody every day not only with the parents, but throughout the professional community and in judges as well. Teaching one gender to hate the other and believe that one is superior over the other causes all sorts of unbalanced power dynamics and feeds other beliefs.

When women believe that men are oppressive and they go through a divorce, they try to take the children away from them believing that they couldn’t possibly be good parents. These beliefs begin somewhere, they are taught, and if your university is teaching them, make them stop.

The following is what was sent to the President, Dean, and several other key persons at the university that was brought to my attention (I removed the names because I recently read on the student’s wall that the school is now reviewing their curriculum and the problem):

“It has been brought to my attention that (replaced name of the student with John Doe) is facing the possibility of being thrown out of school for sharing his views in his Sociology of Families Class. And that the class creates a hostile environment towards men. It is not okay to teach your students to hate men and create a hostile environment towards men and then not expect that one of the men is going to counter it with their views. It is my understanding that John Doe is merely countering the bias and hate that is being taught in the classroom. It is my understanding that he is “citing CDC reports, Harvard studies, and videos by Warren Farrell” and that “When (he) would question a classmate on why she felt that men don’t do any housework and explain how (his) ex-wife didn’t work” that he “still did half the housework and 70% of the child rearing, they called it hostile.”

I would request that your place of education be a place where all students can learn from each other and that all views are allowed to be expressed. I suggest that you allow each of your students time to express their feelings about the material that you present and that you schedule time for them to discuss and get their ideas out there. A place of learning should be for exploring all views of something so that students can develop their own conclusions and make their own decisions. But it is also a place where you teach students how to improve their communities and themselves, not teach to hate and hurt each other. And when you teach hate towards one gender over the other this creates societal problems. We see the results of this hate every day in divorce and child custody battles.

Please take this into consideration and find a way where all of the students can be comfortable in expressing their views even if they differ from the mainstream in your class. I would also ask that you review the instructor and the material being taught in this class. If this instructor and the book the instructor is teaching from is teaching hate and misandry I request that you remove the biased material and correct the teacher. It would be the material and the instructor teaching things that cause major problems later in society and in our communities that would be the problem then and not the student that has the guts to speak up and challenge these ideas.

For the record, I do not support hate against women or feminism either. If any of your students, instructors, etc., Brian included are sharing their views in ways that encourages hate towards anyone then might I suggest that you hold a meeting with each of them and explain to them what is an acceptable way to share their views, and be fair and apply it to all students and instructors. And I would recommend that if the instructor feels that Brian is coming across to the other students in the class in an offensive manner, please consider that he might be reacting to the material that is being taught and the way that the instructor is teaching and the material that is being taught. I would appreciate your response on what is happening at your school and how you might resolve this. I have a daughter that is almost college age, she will be attending college next year, and I would want to know that the college that she chooses is a place where she can learn and grow in a positive and non-gender biased environment, not in a place that teaches hate and creates problems for society.”

This is where I stand with any hate or bias teaching. This type of teaching is unacceptable and not conducive to bettering our communities. I would implore that all parents take an active role if this ever happens to your student. Even if you were taught to believe that one gender parent is better than the other try to understand that this is not good for your child or young adult. Just as adults that were raised to be racist have difficulty getting over what they were taught to believe, this too will take time. But it will never get better if you don’t start to work on it today. Be aware when you are teaching gender bias to your children, stop yourself and correct. That is the way to put an end to the bias and wrong beliefs that are causing so much terror in so many of our child custody battles today.

Sherry Palmer

Co-author “Not in the Child’s Best Interest”


Twitter: @fixfamilycourts


This post is in response to Hendrick’s request.[ii]

[i] RK Hendrick has a group called Protection for Men at

[ii] This post is in response to the following that RK Hendrick posted in some of my groups this morning: Via my good friend, (changed name to John Doe), who is here on facebook … He needs our help!

Brothers, I beg of your assistance in fighting the feminist agenda. I attend ****** University and they are trying to kick me out for speaking out against misandry in my Sociology of Families class. They say I am creating a hostile environment by citing CDC reports, Harvard studies, and videos by Warren Farrell. When I would question a classmate on why she felt that men don’t do any housework and explain how my ex-wife didn’t work and I still did half the housework and 70% of the child rearing, they called it hostile.

The book that the class uses stated that heterosexual men always oppress women. The process of having a hook-up, relationship, and marriage to a heterosexual man will always oppress and disadvantage the female. It promotes the idea that teens should explore their sexuality and that being a lesbian might be a better option for women. When I cited feminist quotes calling for the destruction of marriage and the killing of the male population, the professor laughed it off as it being taken out of context, yet somehow this is harassing and hostile because the class has 20 females, 4 males with only two of them being straight. The professor’s defense is that the class is a “feminist” class so it is ok to hate men and create a hostile environment for men who object to being called an oppressor, a rapist, and evil. Feminism has become a cult and it is destroying the hearts and mind of both men and women. Without your help, they will probably kick me out of school and remove my financial aid.

This is the bully tactics that they use to promote their misandric agenda. I ask of you brothers, please email the school and display your disgust for how such a biased and misandric agenda has any place in colleges and universities. Tell them that hating women is just as bad as hating men and this attitude shouldn’t be taught in any school. Help me fight brothers. Don’t let them oppress us. The following is a list of email addresses for the school officials. You can write to one and then CC the others. This will help me tremendously.
*******(email addresses have been removed since the school is responding and reviewing the curriculum and the problem.)
Please be professional or it will be counterproductive.